Thursday, April 15, 2010

True Christian love denies self

4/15/10 Thursday
It’s raining, praise the Lord. We prayed for rain and there’s been moisture for two days. Yesterday was more like a light sprinkling that dampened the ground but that was perfect for the Bermuda grass seed I sowed. Today it’s serious rain that will help greatly wash the chlorides from our well water out of the soil. Most of what we planted, as far as seeds, didn’t come up. I noticed an oily film on the dogs water the other day and have to wonder if that came from the well water but realize it could well have gotten there from other sources as it’s next to the garage door. We definitely need to get the water tested.

I see that I haven’t posted on the blog since Monday. I post on Facebook more often as it’s convenient and I write shorter posts. Y’all are welcome to visit me on Facebook. Not sure the correct way of finding it but it’s simply listed under my name, bob Westbrook. Cherie used to keep up with what I was doing from work through Facebook but they put in a firewall that blocks all Facebook stuff.

I ran the tractor for three hours yesterday morning because it was past time to till under the rye grain as it was starting to develop seed heads. Unfortunately it was raining so I got soaked through. Even my boots soaked through and are still wet this morning. But that’s how it is, you do what you have to do when you need to do it. With the wind and cooler temperatures I certainly got chilled to the bone. I also ran the disc over the pathways to loosen the soil and then sowed more of the Bermuda grass. The urgency to do this was to take advantage of the rain. This is a vital part of our long term goals regarding creating an attractive place of business in addition to our home so getting this grass established is important. I have to take advantage of the rains because we unfortunately can’t water the seeded areas from the well as that will actually kill the seeds, or at least prevent them from germinating. As soon as it clears up I will get out and sow more of the seed before the ground dries.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the ground all leveled out as we would prefer. Just didn’t have time and funds before the rains came. Speaking of funds, we sold some of the stock so now have a few dollars to spend on building the infrastructure of this farm/business. I will have to spend it wisely and carefully for it won’t last long. Much of it will be spent on labor and gathering materials for future building projects. We plan on putting in a poultry operation at some point. That will be a good source of revenue, both from the free range eggs and organic meat. Eventually I’m thinking of having a hundred chickens but we’ll work up to that slowly and figure it out as we go. My grandmother used to have some chickens out here and I remember just how much better the eggs and meat was than what you could get at a store. But in all of this there’s a learning curve as it’s all new to me.

Now that we have some funds I’ll gather more telephone poles, railroad ties, and we’ll finish tearing down that barn in Odessa. All of this material will go a long way in building the barn, chicken house, and other things we would like. Plus I’ll finally be able to buy the fencing that is needed to surround each garden plot, thus keeping coyotes, rabbits, and our dogs out, along with possible pilferers, a concern after all our cantaloupe was stolen last year. Had some of the posts up for over a year but never had the finances or help to finish the job

I love this high speed internet we have from Stelera. We are now able to listen to radio (or at least music) and can also watch videos and shows because it downloads or streams fast enough. With the music it makes available things like Jazz, orchestra, and other venues like Christian that otherwise we can’t get out here. I’m trying to find some gentle stuff on a Christian station that works well in the background but had to change channels twice now cause they came up with some hard rock or rap style that disturbs the spirit.

This illustrates how deep a change there has been in me. I used to be a hard rock head banging guy that loved being up front at concerts. Now my soul desires that which is soothing and gentle and what I used to find pleasure in grates. Part of this is probably from the brain injury but a lot of it is a change in my outlook on life, on what is good and what is not. I am more aware of the spirit behind things, of that which corrupts and that which builds up and promotes the good. This morning I decided to fast and will try to pray more as I strive for a closer walk with God, whom I seek.

Looking outside I see that the barrels I placed under eaves to catch rain water are mostly full. That’s good and will be used on the crops as much as possible, especially when everything dries up again as it always does in the desert. Eventually we will install rainwater catchment systems to capture as much of it as we can, but like everything that takes money.
Alan with Carman Kitty. Carman isn't shy about getting pets from him.

Alan has reached a decision that I can’t disagree with even though it’s not what’s best for me. It was brought on when he had a tooth infection and learned he needs an expensive root canal. Looking for a dentist and medical help made him realize that he needs a job that offers medical benefits, something we can’t offer. For that matter we can’t even offer him a stable income. So he decided that moving his mobile home onto our property, with the requisite commitment to work here and be a part of building the farm, wouldn’t work. He found what sounds like a great deal on some land that he can buy and put his home on. I totally understand that, to have a place of his own, a place he owns and can call home. Plus there’s the practical need of a steady income and medical benefits. Sure it’s a blow to us but agape love, the love Christians are supposed to have, is one that chooses for the highest good of the other person, what’s best for them, not what’s best for you. It doesn’t do any good to talk and not practice what you believe, in fact that does great harm to the message of Christ. Alan was worried, or at least not looking forward to letting me know this, but I encouraged him to pursue that course. He’s a good man and needs all the support he can get to make a new life for himself. As much as I'll miss the help I'll miss the company more. It's nice to have someone to talk to and work with.

What else? There’s so much to do that I’ve neglected. Mostly work and research for the business plan and following through on things I’ve started in that regard. I can’t remember much of it so the need to get organized makes itself known. With that in mind I must quit writing this and get to work. First on the list is to rearrange the office as Cherie and I discussed to take advantage of the file cabinet we were blessed with and reduce the clutter that’s gathered everywhere. I do have to run into Midland today and drop off stuff Cherie asked me to take care of for her. I also want to purchase the tall Bermuda seed that will be sowed on the outlying five acres. It’s not regular lawn type grass seed but graze that grows almost two foot high and will provide permanent cover in addition to helping fight off the weeds. It’s not cheap, but that gets back to long term investments in creating this farm. Plus later we can harvest it for hay if so desired.

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