Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/14/12 Monday 2:13 – It just started raining. I am thankful for the rain but it meant I had to quit planting the tomato plants we bought and come inside. There is so much to do and so little of me to do it. It is frustrating (there is that word again) to see how much hasn’t been done and then needs to be done. One of these days God will grant us the ability to have some help on this farm. Till then I will press forward the best I can. It was interesting to see the comment anonymous left on this blog yesterday. It is the same old stuff someone has been saying since we were removed from that little church in Stanton, therefore it is obvious this comes from someone related to that church. I wonder what I wrote yesterday that spurred them to once again leave a comment. Was it the “Do you really believe?” statement? They also commented “You say the end times are coming” as their opening statement. It is sad to watch how people dance around the truth they don’t like. 5/16/12 Wednesday Time flies when you work hard. I stay out on the farm till it gets too dark to see. Finally got the tomatoes and peppers planted. Today I am trying to plow. I think it is called “list” plowing but really don’t know. This is a time I wish I knew some farmers close by who could give me some basic pointers. I am struggling with these plow blades. Dirt builds up and stalls the tractor so I just brought it in and lowered the blades so there is more room between the blades and that horizontal boom that holds them. Is that right? Don’t have a clue. I also do not know what angle these blades should be at. Right now I have the point slightly lower than the rest but all I am doing is guessing at it. The boom is not level because those arms that come from the tractor to hold them are not level. There seems to be a way to screw them up and down but when I tried the threads seem frozen, probably rusted in place. It is my hope to plant blackeyed peas where I am plowing but I am not sure if that will happen. Still have lots of watermelon to plant and drip irrigation to install. The wheat I planted is ready to harvest. Naturally this reminds me of the words of Jesus when He said “The fields are golden and ready to harvest. Pray to the Lord that He provide workers” (Bob paraphrase) So I will be harvesting by hand because that’s the only option I have here.

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