Sunday, May 06, 2012

5/6/12 Sunday I finally got to work a full day on the farm Friday. Hallelujah. Yesterday I went to the Smith prison unit for what we call an “Instructional” Kairos day. We traditionally hold these a week or so after a 4 day Kairos event and it is the start of preparing the guys for a life with Christ. We teach them to confide with each other, a hard thing for someone in prison to do, for trust is often seen as a weakness. Unlike some ministries, that come and then vanish away with no support for those whom they touched, we understand the importance of a long term relationship and work to maintain that. We realize that each life we touch now becomes a responsibility and that God will hold us accountable for that. The time at prison took much longer than I thought it would. Sure, I’ve been doing this for going on three years now but this is an example of the memory loss problems I have. I know I have done several of these instructional events but could not tell you much about it. I had planned on doing some work for that company we got caught up with, securing homes for financial institutions, but by the time I got out of the prison at 4:00 or so, I was worn out. Came home and pretty much wiped out. Today I hope to get some watermelon planted. Finally got 2 thirds of the drip irrigation in for it. Then I must finish out some work for that company we are stuck with and plan on running to Big Spring. There I will inspect a home for Chinese drywall and take pictures of the grass that isn’t there. I have to do this because they don’t trust me when I tell them that with no rain nothing has grown. It is going on 3 months we have worked for this company and we finally got paid $130 Friday. They have a whole department who’s duty apparently is to look for any excuse not to pay their vendors. I am tired of it but we would like to at least get our initial investment of over a thousand dollars back before we call it quits. That’s it. Will be another hot day so need to get to work before it hits close to a hundred degrees. Bye now.

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