Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/27/12 Sunday It’s kind of a rough morning. The little sore spot I had in the back of my throat for a week has now spread and grown. Even drinking water is difficult. Worked real hard yesterday. First on the farm and then at one of the widows we care for homes. The rain we had a few days ago naturally caused the weeds and grass to grow. Many of the weeds were three foot tall so quite a challenge for my lawn mower. She wasn’t home so will be pleasantly surprised to find some of the jungle around the house is now cut down. Couldn’t do it all as I ran out of gas and my body ran out of ability as the pain level and paralysis both made themselves known. I left my hoe there so must go back and get it. When I came home I rested a bit and then went back to work on the farm. Did not get much done as I had one of those now rare slow downs. Cherie convinced me to come in and call it a day. This morning I don’t have much energy at all. It was a restless night for both Cherie and I so we did not get much sleep. I am gargling with hot salt water a lot now to fight this sore throat thing. Doesn’t seem to be making a big difference but will continue anyway.

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