Tuesday, December 06, 2005

12505 Monday

12/5/05 Monday
     Cherie got up late and I slept longer than usual this morning. It’s 9:30 AM. I am showered and shaved so I have a good start on going to what may be an unpleasant event. That would be taking Fred back to Ed Schmidt to confront them on how they screwed him. While I am kinds up in arms about this and want to see it made right I am unsure of my ability to be of help. When I am under stress and have to think quickly my brain begins to freeze up and sometimes I can’t say what I want. Words get hard to find in my mind so I stutter. This doesn’t happen all the time. If I prepare for something where things are familiar I can be fine, unless things take an unexpected turn. Then there are good days where I can breeze through without any difficulties. The other thing I have to watch for is my tendency to say what’s on my mind in no uncertain terms.
     Fred called. We agreed to go over at 11:00. It will stay about 22 degrees all day long but will get colder when another front comes through tomorrow. I don’t think I will go take pictures at the park for a day or two. Fred said he wanted to go eat breakfast after the Ed Schmidt thing.
     I need to start using this computer calendar again. Kinda stopped a while ago. Partly I need to do this to maintain a record of what I’ve done. Why this is important I don’t know but I cling to records because of the memory loss. The visual I have in my head on that is me floundering about in deep choppy water at night grabbing for and clutching as many of the torn pieces of paper that were floating all about me. On them are written little pieces of memory.
     Enough melodrama. I just looked up Fred’s trade in value on the Lincoln as I prepare for this meet. I never worry about how I look but this time agonized over what to wear. I even ironed a shirt. That’s not normal for me but Cherie is training me. After much debate I chose the “Man in Black” look. I am going to warm up the car now.
     That wasn’t much fun. As we headed over Fred asked me to do all the talking. Going in I asked for someone important because we had a problem. They dug up the sales manager who looked about 25. He came over and Fred started in on how he felt like he got screwed. He brought up the ad he saw telling the price had been reduced from $8900 to $6750 and the sales manager knew that ad was for a different car as I had told Fred. He keyed in on that as being our mistake and would not hear much else. The Slickster came over and voiced how hurt he was by our saying he was misleading. “I’m offended you said that” he told me. I just looked at him and smiling said “OK, be offended”. He got up and left. It got to the point that I was tired of their dancing around and spoke up in a voice loud enough it could be heard across the building “How do you think it would look if everyone knew you screwed an 87 year old blind man who can’t hear”. The manager told me to watch my language. He doesn’t have a clue that it wouldn’t bother me to stand on the corner with a big sign telling of how they took advantage of Fred. In fact I would think it to be fun. It doesn’t matter because Fred signed the contract and they have no interest in changing anything. That sucks but in this country if you don’t have a lawyer you are helpless.
     After we got done Fred wanted to go to Sam’s diner where he had a coupon. We got there and Fred learned they stopped selling breakfast an hour ago. He had been looking forward to breakfast so I suggested the Waffle House. That was fine so I drove him there. I took him to Kazmiers after breakfast and helped him shop, announcing what was on the shelves as we walked by. He picked out a few things but was running out of steam by now and breathing hard so I took him through the check out and got him home. He did have me call Barb to see what she needed and picked up some sugar and something else for her.
     It is 4:00 and I am tired. Wayne just called to ask if I can come early tomorrow so he could cash his check. Better put that in the calendar.

     It is 7:13. I just looked here and don’t know what to say. Think I should call it a night. I took the garbage out and coming back in I got my heavy winter coat out and threw it on the couch.
     Oh! I just remembered I wanted to write of this. This morning (or last night, I don’t remember) I heard Cherie laughing in the other room. “What’s so funny?” I asked her. She had read what I said about the movie Batman, how with masterful logic bullshit I figured I had seen it over at Wayne’s place. “No” she said “We saw it together, We rented it”. That’s how it works, remember the movie but not the who and where.

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