Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This is a Texas roadside stop

12/21/05 Wednesday
I am up and real clear headed. Showered and fixed some scrambled eggs and also cleaned the kitchen. Cherie was frustrated this morning and nothing seemed to go right as she rushed to make it to work on time. I offered to help but the best thing to do was to stay out of the way. Fred just called and asked me to take him to Reynolds rd. to get some mailing labels. I didn’t think of it till now but I could probably print some up for him on my computer. Oh well, got to get dressed and go.
Took Fred to Kinko’s. On the way I tried to explain how I could print his labels but got no reaction. When we got there they told him they could not print the labels but they could copy what he had onto a label sheet. It would be the same size as the label he had from Fifth Third which is to small for him to deal with. The guy told Fred it could be done on a computer and I told him again I could do it. I took him to Office Depot and got a box of blank labels. It took me about five minutes to whip them up and Fred was surprised and happy.
I just addressed the Christmas cards to Bruce and Adam, putting the Walfart gift cards in them. I can’t remember the Zip code and am uncertain of the street address for Adam despite it being the house I was buying and lived in for seventeen years so I called but got the machine. I E mailed Bruce and sent over some more of the stuff that he liked. It is good to laugh when your in a war zone. All of this brings up the great sadness I have regarding the two boys I raised but I will deal with it.
Allen called and did not sound good. I will take some food over to him after I take Wayne the calendar I got him and check on Barb. I E mailed the Tolle’s as we don’t have an address to send them a card and their phone is disconnected. Hope they are OK. They did have some difficulties with their marriage before so I pray it has not returned. Time to hit the road. It’s 1:50.
I stopped by Barb’s to check on her. She didn’t get her check yet. I told her to keep bugging her caseworker to get it fixed. Then I dropped the calendar I bought off at Wayne’s. He wanted to pay me the dollar it cost so I said catch it later.
With that done I went to visit Allen. I took the info I downloaded off the net regarding addiction to painkillers with me. I also took lots of the Mexican food I cooked last night to give him. At least this way he will eat. I wasn’t sure how he would react to the stuff on addiction but he read it and thanked me. That is a good sign. We discussed the upcoming appointment he has at Unison (Another mental health facility). I helped him with his gardening stuff and we watched the science channel on his satellite TV. Cherie called at four or so and asked me where I was. I told her Allen’s and she asked when I would be home. I found that curious and come to find out she had gotten off work early.
Allen tried to bribe me into staying longer but I told him what he already knew, that when I say I will do something I will. I told Cherie that I would be home by 5:30 so I had to go.
When I got home Cherie cooked steaks and we at on the bed as we do so often. She showed me a Christmas card from Norma in St. Louis. Norma is one of those who helped me while I was there and I had carved a plaque for her as a thank you. I am embarrassed because I have not been writing her and others who do not go online. I will put it on my schedule for tomorrow. I have a picture of the plaque but may not have scanned it into this laptop. It is getting late (9:00) that is late for me. We’re normally crashing at ten or so and I have not had a nap today so am tired.

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