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12605 Tuesday

12/6/05 Tuesday
     Went blogging this morning and that’s about all so far. It’s 9:26.

First Posted - Nov 22, 2005

These butterflies better be good...
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Blogging can be so fun. This stuff is from I’ve just scratched the surface of this site and already had a tons of laughs.

It keeps going. I gotta get out of this site or I will spend all day here.




Finally I turned it off. Time to get ready for the day. I take Wayne to the Zeph Center.
     Cherie just called and said “Hey”. I replied and waited for her to talk as she evidently was doing with me. “Well” she said. “Cherie, you called me, I’m just waiting for you to say something” was my response. She asked if I ate and of course I haven’t. Suppose I should fix something. I had a big four egg omelet and opened the can of jalapeños just for it. That should sanitize the system. I need to call Fred, see how he is, and let him know I am picking up Wayne. I can drop off what Fred bought for Barb as it is on the way.
     I got the stuff to Barb. There was another car there with two nervous blacks eyeing me. Who is this, in his black cap with a metal symbol on the top, in this Cadillac that is definitely out of place, pulling up next to us. I pulled in on the other side of a car to ease their paranoia and waited a second before I got out. I got halfway up her walk when she got to the door. She was explaining who I was to someone out of sight as I got to it. We made the quick exchange at the door and I hurried back to the warmth of the Caddy. I’m sure if some drug task force was watching it would look real suspicious.
     I got to Wayne’s with this Bose system cranked on the blues. He heard me but not as loudly as I would of thought. Wayne was ready so I got him to the bank first. From there I headed toward the Zeph Center. I haven’t tried to go there from the bank and got lost. One of those blanks when I don’t recognize the street I am on and am uncertain which direction I am traveling. It took me a mile or so to get oriented and we made it here. After inventing a parking space (cause it was crowded) I went in and checked on Wayne. The waiting room was packed with no seats so I told Wayne “Do you need me in there today? No? I’ll be out in the car. Wake me up when you come out”.
     I went out and got his laptop out, turned on the stereo and put in the Sting CD I grabbed this morning. Didn’t write anything, just listened. Wayne made it out and I took him to the dollar store. After that I took him to get groceries. Wayne was starting to have me do everything, he would stop in front of something like a can of soup and look at it and say “I should get some of that” and then just look at it, waiting for me to reach over and get it. Wayne would then tell me something else he needed and just stop for me to lead him. I recognize this sort of dependency so I began telling Wayne he needs to pick what he wanted and help me find the correct isles. He needs to be as independent as possible. This will help combat the depression.

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