Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's December

12/1/05 Thursday
Time to get going. Checked E mail and went blogging but need to get moving and do productive things instead of getting distracted. I’ll start with the dishes. Today I take Wayne to see his doctor. That is all I have scheduled. I am sure that will change. Cherie left me a recipe for the bean dish she makes that I love. I always appreciate when she asks me to do things instead of taking it all on her shoulders.
I just got out of the shower and checked the phone to see I missed a call. It was Fred so I called him right away. “Are you doing anything today” he asked. I told him I was taking Wayne to the doctor but that was all I had scheduled. He asked me to cash a check for him at Tom’s and then to stop by Kroger to buy some milk, sugar, and salt. Then he said I could take the three dollars he owed me out of the check and wanted me to go by Arby’s and get the four for $5 deal. “Drop one off to Tom, give me one, and you and Cherie have the other for lunch. “Fred, I haven’t taken you shopping in a while. Is there anything else you need? How about some more chicken soup?” I said. He said “Pick up a couple of cans but get the Campbells not the Kroger brand”. Then he asked if I could take the salt and sugar over to Barb. That was not a problem especially because I will go past there on the way to Wayne’s.

It’s 1:15. I’m not doing so well right now. When I went to Kroger I got that disorientation feeling I usually get. It wasn’t bad at all. With it I started to slow down. Right now I am running at about a 5. The limp is more pronounced and the pain level in my back is getting up there. I am tired and keep yawning.
I got all the stuff Fred wanted. Just finished putting the ingredients for the bean dish together. Will back it later. (That shows how I am doing. Should have said bake instead of back) I will leave soon to get Wayne.
Well I got Wayne here to the doctor’s. The waiting room was full and very warm. I made sure Wayne was going to see the doc and after visiting with the folks waiting I told Wayne I would wait out in the car. Everyone in the waiting room were senior citizens. They were all African American and I found it refreshing that they were all comfortable with me. One lady wondered if they would bring out chairs if someone else came in. That was another incentive for me to come out here to the car. That and the fact I could control the temperature and play the stereo.
I am doing much better now. These slow downs that come and go quickly are back more now that I stopped using the herbal medication. Too bad it cost so much. I had called Sharon and told her I would drop off the Paxil stuff when I picked up Wayne and forgot it in the minutes from hanging up the phone and going out the door. This stuff always frustrates me.
It took Wayne two hours to get done. When he made it out he said the doctor had mailed the paper work we had him fill out to Social Security. “Come on Wayne. I told you we need that to go with all the other stuff. It will get lost in the shuffle at Social Security. Lets go back up there and get the copies now”. Wayne said he would just call the doc and have them sent. After sitting out in the car for two hours my frustration level was getting high but I just let it go. I have been fighting to get this done going on three years now and no matter how many times I explain things Wayne doesn’t seem to get it. When we go into the hearing we have to have all our documentation with us and if we use the lawyer he will not go until he has it also. Just wanted to smack Wayne and wake him up.
Wayne wanted to go to the bank and get some cash but they were closed by the time we got there. I took Wayne home and headed for home. I have sharpened up by this time. The slow down was again short. As I drove home I was angry and had little patience for the idiots on the road. I stopped at the park to take some pictures of the light snow that was gently settling on everything. That helped. Now I had sharpened up enough that I no longer limped. I got some pictures and headed home.
See the deer?

Cherie had put the bean dish I had prepared in the oven. That was another thing that frustrated me. I had planned on having dinner done when she got home from work but wasn’t even home then. Seeing her when I got home really brighten me up as it always does and helped me put things in perspective.
It is 11:22 right now. I was exhausted when I got home and after eating had just curled up under the covers and dozed a little. Now I am wide awake and up finishing this while Cherie sleeps. I took some of the over the counter sleep stuff that Cherie has but doubt it will do anything.

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