Friday, December 09, 2005

12/9/05 Friday
Sorry guys about not posting. This laptop caught a nasty little disease called “Axe man” or something like that so I took it to the laptop doctor. He told me that he had several of the axe spyware come in at the same time. I told the guy “This is like a big chess game for you guys. Someone comes up with something and you have to figure it out and they come up with something else”. He just grinned and said that keeps him working.
When I got this thing Wednesday it drove me nuts as I tried everything to get rid of it. When Cherie got home I was in a foul mood and snappy. She just stayed away till I got less angry. It kept me upset all day Thursday and I took it in that morning. Pissy day.
When I went to Kroger this morning to get the stuff Fred had called me to get for him, I tried to go through the check yourself out counter. I don’t know why I keep doing that cause it often causes lots of frustration. This time after I rang up the half gallon of milk that was the first item, the machine said “Please wait for the cashier” and wouldn’t do anything else. I looked at the desk where the cashier is supposed to be to see it empty. I waited and pushed the call cashier button lots of times with no response. Now I am pissed and reloaded the cart, heading for a regular check out. Poor girl, she caught all the frustration as I unloaded loudly. The girl who was supposed to be at the other counter had been laughing and visiting the cashier I was talking to and shut up, scurrying back to where she’s supposed to be.
Then Virtual PC called to tell me my computer is ready. My baby’s going to be alright and that settled me a little. I depend on this laptop a lot, especially for this journal.
I seem to be fairly sharp now. It is 2:28. I just got off the phone with Allen. He is doing poorly and back to talking about blowing his head off. I had visited Allen a few days ago. Not really sure when but we had talked about getting him into the Zeph Center for help. I know they will help him get registered and approved for medical help. I told Allen that this way he could get medical attention for his back pain but I also know he needs the mental health attention also. Kind of a backdoor way to get him help.
I called the Zeph Center and learned what it took to get him down there. Then I called Allen back and got his permission to give the Zeph his phone number. They will have a case worker call him and set up an appointment. I will have to let him know what to say, kind of coach him because if you don’t speak their language they can’t understand you. I think I will be spending some time with Allen so I should talk to her about it. (There’s another reason for this journal. Cherie reads it and knows what I did and forgot as well as reminders like talking to me about Allen.)
I will go write out what to tell Allen now.
I am tiring out. Never did carve. I think I will get that light Cherie got for her sewing and see if it helps me see as I carve. Kind of slowing down and getting headache.
I carved for a while but it was slow going. Had to take regular breaks.

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