Sunday, December 11, 2005


12/11/05 Sunday
I fixed two big omelets to use up the chicken we had yesterday and got so involved making them that I forgot to put in the chicken. That was good for a laugh. Cherie and I laugh lots and not only is it good but neither of us laughed much in our lives. This is better than drugs. (Duh! You just figuring this out Bob?)
I’m not doing to well this morning. The brain is working well but I go from hot and sweaty to freezing and have another headache. Took my pill and some aspirin. I will hold off on the dissolve in your mouth migraine pill till I really need it. Allen called as I knew he would and, in a strange sort of way, I am glad I don’t feel well cause it makes it easier to tell him I won’t come over. I won’t lie so it beats saying I just don’t want to see him today. That would not do his depression any good. I might wander over there later but don’t know. I will probably carve this morning.
Haven’t carved yet. I went blogging and found this cool site that has downloadable videos that aren’t X rated. I will explore this one. It is set up so I can put the videos on my blog and the website I still dream of but don’t work on. There was a music video that surprised me. As a general rule I don’t like rap because of the typical messages are of the women are ho’s variety along with feeding hate and violence. This one was down to earth and dealt with the realities of life in the ghetto. Drugs, gangs, trying to make it in a poor world. It took me back to St. Louis, to when I lived in what I call cracktown, to the people I met and who befriended me when I was still a mess from the coma. That time by itself will make a good book. Here I was, a lost white boy who wasn’t quite all there wandering around in the middle of gangbanger row. I would go out and walk just to regain some strength and by the time I had gone four blocks I would be asked if I wanted any crack five times and propositioned for sex once. I didn’t fit in at all but when folks in that area figured out I was a bit messed up they pitched in to help. It is the poor who help the poor.
It’s 3:53 now. Have no idea where the time went. Still feeling crappy. Still have the headache. I guess I should take that headache pill. Should have done that hours ago.
6:18 Still not doing well. The headache has moved into migraine territory. Cherie just came home and brought Burger King with her. She had been planning on cooking ham or something but when I talked to her on the phone she said that she to has a headache so I said “Buy burgers, you don’t need to cook”. I pretty much stayed in bed all day and have had the chills along with an occasional bout of sweat. Probably fighting something off.
Jeff called me by accident as he was going through the McD’s drive thru. We talked a bit. He asked me what’s been happening with me and that can be a hard question for me to answer. I just said not much as I struggled to remember. I told him about the virus this laptop caught and then told him Bruce went overseas to Kuwait or someplace near Iraq Monday. We agreed to meet for breakfast on Friday morning like we usually do.
Wish this migraine would go away. Been there all day long.

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