Saturday, December 31, 2005

Texas skyline
12/31/05 Saturday
It was good to sleep in our own bed with the usual competition for space with the cat. TV is all a buzz about new years but it is just another day for me with the exception of staying off the roads tonight. I’ll let the professional and amateur drunks have them all to themselves. The pension check arrived which was good to see. I still have to write the VA and prove I am not currently in prison and haven’t been since January 8 2003 like they think. Nothing like a paper work glitch in the service to make life hard.
I am doing well this morning, running about an 8. That is good and will help me catch up and filling in the weeks activity in Texas. I went to check E mail this morning but couldn’t get online so I ran the spyware programs again. When I ran them last night I found 65 infections including two of the Spyaxe ones that caused me to take this laptop into the shop a month or so ago. Even though I shut the computer down after cleaning it last night there were six more this morning. I suppose they were imbedded and came out when I restarted this morning. I caught the viruses while we were using the hotel wireless systems despite only checking E mail and the blog. We will have to buy a firewall program.
Cherie is out picking up her check from her mom and shopping for food or something. We will go to the YMCA after to get signed up. I need to call Allen and see how he is doing but will have to wait till after 1:00 or so. We have rain mixed with snow right now. Fortunately we missed all the bad weather on the way back from Texas and the six inches of snow that fell just before we left Toledo is gone. It will make it up to 35 degrees or so today.
We went to the YMCA to get signed up. I started to slow down before we left and by the time we got there was doing poorly. She took me to Bob Evans after we got the tour. Cherie knew not to ask me where I wanted to go cause I don’t make decisions well at these times.
Fred asked me to take him and Barb to the grocery store. I hate to drive when I am like this but it is what I do, help others no matter what. Will have to be careful.
That was a little rough but I did OK. Fred was glad to get out as he did not go anywhere while we were gone. We picked up Barb and took her to the carryout to cash a check she got from Dawn and then to a small place by the university that had meat as well as a few groceries. Fred just started buying things for Barb and she looked at me saying “He’s going nuts and buying everything”. All Barb wanted was some hamburger and when Fred would ask her what kind of roast she wanted she would say “Just get anything”. Finally I told her that Fred couldn’t see so she needed to pick out what she wanted. It took a while so I would go looking for things like the sauerkraut Fred wanted just to get away and chill because all this was hard while I was slow.
We got it all done and I drove back to Barb’s to drop her off with the groceries. The next door neighbor was selling some dope when I pulled up and gave me one of those “who the hell are you” looks. He saw Barb and went back to his business. I helped carry the food to Barb’s apartment and joked “You want to buy some dope? They got some right out there”. She gave me a I guess you know what’s going on look and laughed saying she only had five bucks. That told me more than I need to know and I left. When I got into the car and backed out the girl buying the dope started taking a hit off her crack pipe. I didn’t point it out to Fred figuring he had enough to worry about as it was.
He wanted to stop by the Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff. I thanked Fred again for letting us use his car and he said we could use it anytime but I won’t unless I have to. I am not as slow now, about a six or seven though my ears are ringing and the headache is still there. At least I don’t have that dizzy confused feeling I had at the store but that is probably because I am at home where everything is familiar and secure. Need to take the headache medicine now. Should have taken it a couple of hours ago.
Laid down and forgot to take the migraine pill. Finally figured it out when headache wouldn’t go anywhere.
This is a major migraine Even the screen on this laptop is bright and hurts the eyes. I took the Zolmitripan, Tramadol, and aspirin with little effect. At this moment it is new years. We bought a bottle of Andre Pink Champagne, which we like better than the expensive stuff, to celebrate the new year with. Cherie didn’t drink much which is just fine. Neither of us are real drinkers. Cherie never was and I have no interest in returning to being a drunk. Wish my brother would learn that. To those of you reading this have a happy new year and strive to do better than last year. That is as good as a resolution as you can have, to improve on your past performance. God bless and keep you.

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