Friday, October 13, 2006

Another cold blustery day

10/13/06 Friday
Well we are not even close to getting out of here. Yesterday ended in frustration over the CB radio thing. Hopefully today I will be sharp enough to figure this probably simple problem out. I called Jeff this morning to see if he would like to meet for breakfast as we used to regularly do on Friday mornings. He did and both Cherie and I went because we wanted to say goodbye. We did and enjoyed the time with him.

I took the sword and letter I wrote to Allen yesterday at 7:00. Called him at 5:18 and left a sarcastic message that I hoped it wasn’t too early. He called back an hour later so I made sure he would be there. When he answered the door I handed him the sword and letter. He said “You can keep that (referring to the sword), I have a couple of gifts for you”. “You don’t have anything I want now” I replied and walked away. Driving home my cell phone rang. I knew it was him so didn’t bother to answer. I listened to his message when I got home. Allen apologized half a dozen times and said that if I still needed help he would even get up early, ten or eleven o’clock. That’s early for him. I haven’t bothered to call him back despite the fact that I desperately need the help. Can’t trust or believe a word he says and absolutely won’t depend on him. If he bothers to call again I’ll give him a chance but won’t hold my breath.

This morning it is again bone chilling cold with the thirty mile wind cutting through the clothes and delivering the cold straight to the skin. There is painting I need to do on the trailer but the label on the paint says it must be over fifty degrees to do so. It might reach 48 degrees by three this afternoon so I’ll give it a shot then. I’ll also work on making the back door but first have to decide how to do so. This morning I’m going to return the CB radio antenna with the hope that the clerk who knew about this stuff is in.

I can’t believe how tired I am. Cherie says it’s all the emotions I went through yesterday. “That takes allot out of you” she said. I think I will work on dismantling some of the furniture this morning to avoid the cold or at least let it warm up some. Got to post this and get moving.

The day is ending rough for both of us. Cherie has a major toothache. She doesn’t have a dentist here in Toledo despite having lots of bad teeth. That is mostly because she hasn’t had money or insurance to cover that expense. I am having one of the worst slow downs I’ve had in a long time. Got so weak my arm got tired holding the cell phone to my ear. Simple things became very difficult and I was starting to make mistakes so I packed up and quit. Even walking is hard to do as the right leg is extra numb and doesn’t always go where I want it to. Tomorrow I may complete this entry but right now typing is hard much less trying to figure out what to say. Cherie is sleeping despite it only being 7:30 and I think I’ll join her. Goodnight all.

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