Friday, October 06, 2006

Seven days and counting down

10/6/06 Friday
Seven days till we hope to leave for Texas. It’s crunch time. So much to do but I am concentrating on the trailer right now. I know it is redundant for the readers but that’s how it is. I must focus on one thing to get it done and it’s been the trailer. There are many other things going on. The stress of not knowing what will happen in the first few days. We plan on getting a hotel room but it must take cats. I’d just sneak Carman in but Cherie doesn’t do that so that’s that, we find a hotel that takes cats.

Then we must get the power turned on at the well and see where the pipes leak. Electricity we already have in the house so we only need water to move in. We had considered renting a house or apartment while we fixed up the house but that’s allot of money. I am figuring that we will get a loan with the land as a security to rebuild the house. They are ambitious plans for the house and may well not happen but we will see how it works out. I think it will be better to see how our finances settle out over a month or three before jumping into things. Slow and careful is the way to go but judging from how long I work on the trailer I may be too slow. Cherie is talking about getting a part time job but would like to start her own sewing business at some point. I’m going to concentrate on the house, yard, and garden. Plenty of work to do there.

In the meantime there are the effects of stress to deal with. Actually we do quite well with that. We laugh all the time. We have a hard time kissing cause there’s always a laugh to suppress. Hard to kiss when your cracking up. Of course I’m a clown all the time so that helps. “Why do we laugh so much” Cherie would ask and my reply is “It’s got crying beat all to hell”. Despite that there are moments when it all bears down. Cherie has the hardest time with this. It is her nature to examine everything to see what could go wrong and then chew on that till it gets bigger. I assure her all the time, turning her focus to the good things ahead. Now I don’t want to be all mushy and stuff but this is how I feel. It is our love for each other that makes us strong. When we worry over things the statement “We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives” just blows the worry away like a gentle breeze and makes any potential hardship pale in comparison. We still get all googly eyed and tear up on a regular basis as we look at each other with amazement and wonder at how we found each other after 25 years.

The weather is going to be great for the next few days so I should finish up the trailer. Need to get moving now so I’ll post this and avoid looking at E mail.

I went back out to work on the trailer. I was slowing down so deciding whether to use a rivet or sheetmetal screw became a major task that was paralyzing to me. I would constantly go back to that internal debate and rehash it. Trying to use a rivet didn’t work so I tried the sheetmetal screw. That became difficult as I drilled holes in the wrong space that ended up being the wrong size. As much as I could have used his help I didn’t call Allen. For three years I was there every time he called for help but the one time in three years I asked him for help he didn’t keep his word, sat on his butt and put me in a bind. I learned I can’t depend on him so I will not depend on him.

Cherie came home from work while I was going through this. I knew I was slow but when I talked with her it became apparent just how slow I was. I gave up on working and came in. Cherie had fixed dinner and suggested I go lay down and relax. She is a sweetheart. Right now Cherie is at her parents house as Connie, her youngest sister, had driven up from Columbus to visit. I didn’t go because I don’t like to be in public when I am like this. Don’t function too well in social situations at these times. I am tired so will go back to bed. It's 8:45.

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