Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another hard working day

10/10/06 Tuesday
It was another long hard working day. At least for me. I got going about 8:00 this morning. Thought rain would be hear shortly after noon but as usual Toledo weather is unpredictable, at least for the professional weathermen. Each channel had a different forecast and they all changed as the days progressed. Now the snow and freezing rain is predicted to arrive Thursday with major rain storms tomorrow. I was rushing to beat the rain that never came. Got allot done including painting the blue part of the trailer. I love the HVLP sprayer that I got at Harbor Freight. It was a contest with the wind to spray but it all came out fairly good. I did some sheetmetal work as well, covering some of the massive rust holes in the trailer. Also used up a tube of silicone caulk sealing many of the potential leak points. I’ll have to redo some of the fiberglass work I did yesterday but will get to it later.

Allen called and it was no surprise when he said he couldn’t make it. This was 3:00 and by then I was already so tired I had to push myself to keep going. By 4:00 I was done and also had a slow down. That was it. As much as I wanted to keep going I was done so packed things up. Cherie came home from the errands and shopping she was doing right when I was just finishing putting everything away. I crawled into bed and pulled the covers up because all of a sudden I was freezing. Cherie fixed dinner and then asked if she could get a fifty dollar skin treatment thing she’d had her eye on. Of course she can. Hell she can have pretty much anything she wants. She did pick up a ring for twenty or so bucks that looks like a wedding ring. That’s something I need to do and planned on doing when we got to Texas. Buying wedding rings that is. When we got married the budget was real tight. Paying rent and buying food were priorities at that time so rings were not a real option.

I got out of bed to write this and will now post it and check my E mail. That’s pretty much it for me as I’m going back to bed after I get done. One of the things that got me up was more kids moving in. Yelling and arguing seems to be a routine with these folks. Glad to be leaving. The new apartment managers are rushing to rent out this nearly empty apartment building and so far it’s kids who look like they’re just out of high school. Feel sorry for Fred cause I know this won’t be good for him. Oh yeah, Barb had her hysterectomy today. They were going to keep her three days but now they released her a few hours after the operation. That’s how it is when you’re on Medicaid. You get the bare minimum. Eileen is getting that treatment also. They kicked her out of the hospital because Medicaid won’t pay for her to be in Intensive care after so many days. The doctor didn’t want to release her and said she needed to stay but has no choice in the matter. He told her to go home and wait 48 hours, then to go back to the emergency room and check back in.

I’m going to crawl back in bed now. See ya next time

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