Thursday, October 05, 2006

The days go by in a blur

10/3/06 Monday
It looks like a good day to be out working so that’s good. I have to figure out the wiring on the brakes first, then I want to go to the sheet metal shop Allen took me to and finish what he started.

10/5/06 Thursday
The days just seem to roll by in a blur. It is hard for me to keep up with all I have to do. I know Cherie and I set a tentative date of Friday the thirteenth to leave for Texas. Of course that’s flexible. Has to be knowing us and the uncertainty of us getting done in time but at least it’s a goal to shoot for. Besides that, for some reason we both feel that Friday the thirteenth is an appropriate date to leave Toledo. Good town to get out of. The news a few days ago was “Nine murders in nine days”. Then it was ten murders in twelve days. Not going to miss that. I watch the news and always see if I recognize the latest criminal to be profiled. I knew many who lived in that world.

OK, here’s an update on the trailer. I did get the brakes figured out. That took hours as I would test a wire with my voltmeter and forget what the result was so would test it again later. Wandering from task to task like this for quite a while I got frustrated. I know I should have gotten a pen and paper to map and record what I was doing like I was shown at the Brain Injury Institute at St Louis but I didn’t. Finally I just started switching wires around on the plug going from the trailer to the truck and then starting it up to see if it worked. On the third try I got lucky. Trying to figure out and trace the wires didn’t seem to be something I was up to. It’s hard to believe that at one time I was the chief engineer at a radio station, responsible for all the wiring. Now I have a hard time figuring out where six wires are supposed to go. Brain damage sucks but I don’t quit.

I got all the sides hung on the trailer. Don’t remember if I wrote about this already so I will anyway. I had stored the three bad tires I had inside the trailer in response to the management’s complaint. When I was taking them out to make room to work I held one against the wall and it was just about the perfect height to support one of the fifty pound sheet metal panels so I could attach them. Cool. I used the tire that had gone flat as it let me press down till the holes on the panel lined up. I got them all up by myself, surprising both Cherie and I. This is one of the things I had needed help with but help hasn’t been there other than Cathy and her son Joshua who came out and helped a bunch. We bought them ice cream at Baskin Robins as a think you but I wasn’t doing well so we didn’t stay long. Thanks Cat and Josh.

Allen of course called me right when I was balancing a panel with one hand as I drilled a hole with the other. Putting the drill down I reached around and got the phone. “Allen, I have my hands full right now and don’t have time for talk” I answered knowing it was him from the caller ID. He asked me if I still wanted that sheetmetal and I told him “No”. He argued that he would pick it up for me and didn’t seem to comprehend I didn’t want it anymore. I didn’t tell him that I had already gotten it cause I wasn’t in the position or mood to talk and cut the conversation short. “I’m busy Allen. Got to go” I told him and hung up. Allen has shown that I can’t depend on him so I won’t depend on him for anything. If he wants to get off his ass and come out to help fine but he is more focused on sitting in his basement feeling sorry for himself and being depressed. I’ve done what I can for him but we leave in eight days (Hopefully) so I don’t have time to baby him anymore.

What else?? Can’t think of anything right now. Woke up with a bad headache and sensitivity to light and noise so that’s getting into migraine territory. Lots of muscle aches from lifting those panels two days ago. Yesterday was a crappy rainy day so I didn’t get much of anything done. The weather is supposed to be great for a few days so I hope to get the trailer finished. I’ll get the plywood today and the filler pieces for the floor. Hope this migraine clears up. Cherie has a doctor’s appointment this morning so she did not go to work but she plans on going after lunch.


ByronB said...

Love the paint job! :)

Bob said...

Just wait. It's just starting.