Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wearing down a bit

10/17/06 Tuesday
Not keeping up with this well. I am sore today and had a hard time getting up and working on the floor. I did this while I cut the cardboard to box my carving tools cabinet. It is a for sure thing that I will equip the house with hand rails to make it easier to get around.

I busted my ass yesterday I guess. That’s what Cherie and my body tell me. I didn’t stop till I ran out of fiberglass yesterday and was ready to call it quits by then anyway. Here’s some pictures of the fiberglass work.

This morning we took a load to the storage unit and then went to Anderson’s to get fiberglass and something to drink. Then we came home and I moaned and groaned as I worked on boxing the tools. With that done I got real tired real quick and laid down. Cherie just went to Lowe’s to get a razor knife and packing tape.

It’s been pouring down rain all morning so I stayed in and didn’t get much done other than lifting the shelf unit off the top of the file drawers. Was going to take it apart but after an eternity of deliberation and discussion with Cherie decided not to.

It has cleared up and there have been little peaks of sunlight so I need to get out and finish this fiberglass job. If it isn’t dry where I need to apply more fiberglass I’ll get Cherie’s hair dryer and that will take care of that dilemma. I’ll post this and get moving.

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