Monday, October 23, 2006

Still going

10/23/06 Monday
It’s snowing lightly this morning. The temperature is 36 degrees and with the wind the weatherman says it’ll feel like 27. I quit at 6:00 yesterday because of the cold, wind, and being slow on top of it all. Felt guilty about quitting so early but wasn’t really getting much done. I did mostly finish up the fiberglass work on the nose of the trailer but ran out of it with about ten inches to go. That’s tough. I’ll finish it at some point in Texas. Odds are it’ll be next year sometime. It’ll be fine as the structural support I needed is there.

With that done I can finish painting the nose. There is a little sheetmetal work to finish but not much. I got most of that done yesterday. Next is to put loads of silicone caulk in every place that may leak in an attempt to waterproof it. Then I will put on the wood sides. Will need some help from Cherie with that.

Cherie fixed a nice breakfast. Picked up a Jimmy Dean skillet breakfast we had seen advertised by the “sun”. Cute ads and the breakfast was indeed good. I’m going to run to Harbor Freight to pick up some sanding disks I need to prepare for painting the nose. We are now aiming for Wednesday to leave or at least load the trailer. Should be doable.

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