Saturday, October 14, 2006

Might get allot done today

10/14/06 Saturday
I’m doing much better this morning. These partial seizures are usually fairly short lived. (as in a couple of hours or so) Yesterdays was very physical in addition to effecting my mental ability to make good decisions and follow through. I am going to jump outside to paint the sheetmetal we’re going to wrap the top of the trailer with. Tried desperately to do that last night as it takes the Rustoleum paint some twenty four hours to dry but was unable to do squat because of the slow down. It won’t get totally dry today, especially with the temperature being in the 40’s.

We may have a gang helping on the trailer today. Cathy called yesterday at five or so saying “I heard you need some help”. It was during the early stages of my slowdown so I was pretty much done. Nate and Jeremy surprised me when they stopped by and let me know they would be at home pretty much all day today so I could bring the trailer over to get the welding done.

After checking with Nate I called Wayne and asked if he would like to do the welding. Wayne was a certified welder who has decades of experience but my main motivation for asking is to help him feel like he contributed and is still able to do things. One of his big sources of depression is just like mine. That would be the inability to do what we used to, the feeling that he has lost his value because of what the M.S. has stolen. He may have difficulty because he has lost some of his ability to control his hand. Writing is difficult for him. Restoring even a shred of confidence will go a long way for him. The flip side is the possibility he won’t be able to do this but I’m confident he can.

Jeff had indicated a desire to help when Cherie and I met him for breakfast yesterday. I had Cherie give Jeff a call to invite him to help. He has a busy day but said he might have a couple of hours available. Tomorrow he said was a free day.

Adding to the potential crowd is Allen. I called him yesterday because I greatly appreciated his sincere apology and know that by telling him I accept it he will not add this to his list of failures that feed his depression. Not doing so and leaving town would be cruel. By letting him come and help he will feel like he’s making up for what he didn’t do before. I suppose that even in leaving I’m trying to help others though this time I get a direct benefit from it.

Fred asked if I could take a thermometer to Barb yesterday because she thought she was running a fever. I was more than glad to do so and besides wanted to make sure I said goodbye. Barb has lost some forty pounds since I last saw her. I don’t know if that is good or bad cause I know she was trying to lose weight with the encouragement of her doctor. I ran to the store for her cause after just having major surgery she’s not going anywhere.

As you can see I had a busy day yesterday. Right now I’m going to jump in the shower and get going. Cherie fixed a wonderful sausage gravy and biscuits breakfast this morning. Time to get moving.

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