Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday was a really hard day

9/29/08 Monday
Friday was a really hard day. I don’t remember all that happened but know it was a bad day because I didn’t make it to the farmer’s market. Part of what I can remember is that I discovered that some idiot at the post office sent my medication back to the VA labeled “Not deliverable as addressed”. The VA has been sending my medication to the same address, in the same manner, for almost two years now. We’ve been having problems with the Stanton post office ever since we moved down here and the paranoid part of me wonders if someone is doing it on purpose. There are six items of mail we have documented as sent and never arrived. Two of them are letters our lawyer sent and one of them he had to resend twice before it found its’ way to our mail box. When I went to the post office to inquire about the medication, after going on line and seeing the VA sent it out on the tenth, the lady I talked to asked my name. Upon hearing it she immediately said “That’s box 1176” being completely familiar with it. So, what’s the problem? What’s going on here? It just doesn’t sound right. The VA is overnighting the medication.

I can’t remember much of Saturday either though that might come later. We went to Odessa to buy tickets to the “Huey Lewis and the News” concert sometime and that may have been Saturday.

Sunday we didn’t make it to church. The reason was our frantic preparations to bug bomb this house. One of the strays brought fleas with it and it didn’t take long for them to infest five dogs and five cats. Finally getting the bombs set up and going we headed out. Seeing we would be late we decided to head to Janie’s early to help her clean out and semi organize her garage. When we got there I informed Janie that she had us till two o’clock after which we had to go. I figured we would be there longer and we were but we needed to clean up after bug bombing and get ready for the concert.

The concert was great. The greatest part was seeing Cherie smile, the goal of my life, or at least one of my top priorities. This is the first concert I can remember sitting through. All the rest I remember I was standing and jamming. When I stood up I was asked to sit down by folks an isle over. Resisting the urge to tell them to get off their ass and have a good time I sat down. The only time everyone stood was when Huey said “Stand up and dance”.

After the concert I tried to recall all the concerts I’ve seen over my life. It’s hard not only because of the memory losses but because I was so high and drunk for most of them they were a blur. Let’s see, Jethro Tull, Steppenwolf a couple of times, BTO, Ted Nugent, James Gang, ZZ Top twice, Kansas, Sammy Hagar, Blue Oyster Cult, Fleetwood Mac, and … I’ll add to this list later if I remember more. There are twice this many. Oh yeah, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame, Boston, Morris Day and the Time. That’s it for now.
I went to do some work for the old man but only lasted an hour. He wasn’t there, having a doctor’s appointment, so isn’t aware I left earlier than the twelve o’clock I usually work to. I’ll have to write this down or I won’t remember to tell him. Last week, when he paid me, I said he paid me too much because I had what day it was mixed up. I seem to be having more bad spells lately so the slow down part of the cycle has returned. Right now my ears are ringing, I’m dizzy, and have a metallic taste in my mouth so another seizure is on it’s way. Sucks as always.
I pretty much lost the whole day. Haven’t had it that bad in a while. Cherie took half a day off and took me to the VA hospital in Big Spring so we could tell them she has a full time job now. They gave us a phone number to call. John Woodward, the guy we know who’s running for sheriff, stopped by. I was wakened by the dogs barking and probably looked quite a sight staggering out in my socks. We talked a short time and he gave me an election sign to put up in front of the house. I wish I was in better shape cause I would have liked to talk some but headed straight back to bed when he left.

Jamie and Tommy came by to pick up the air conditioners the old man asked me to find a home for so I got back up. I was surprised to see it was after six. I went down to the store and helped them get the air conditioners and again headed home and went to bed. Had a headache on top of everything else. The paralysis on my right side is pronounced as it often is during these times. I suppose the part of my brain they taught to operate the right leg has a hard time when I’m like this.

I hope tomorrow will be better.


The Henegar Family said...

Bob, I am so sorry about your meds, I know how frustrating that is, my Mom and Dad live overseas and my Mom has Grave's Disease and it never fails the post office or the pharmacy always screw something up... I hope your feeling better. Today is a new day! I added you to my blog, let me know if you are able to read it... take care of yourself and I pray that you have a better day.

Bob said...

I tried to look at your blog but it's by invitation only. email me at to tell me how to be invited

The Henegar Family said...

You should be able to view it now, I hope your having a better day.