Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jail break

9/25/08 Thursday
I just got back from helping the old guy. It’s a shame I can’t feel comfortable using his name. As I looked over my writing I realized that many in Stanton could interpret it as a condemnation of the entire community and that would be inaccurate. I think that there is only a small number of people who are a problem. In fact it only takes one in a close knit community to stir things up, like the bible says “See how great a fire a small spark causes” referring directly to gossip. So I’ve done an injustice to the rest. Sorry.

Our Morning Glories that are growing so well
I’m pretty tired as I often am by this time of the day (it’s noon) so I’m laying down and will probably take a nap. Yesterday I cleaned out a lot of stuff for the old guy and we took it to the dump. Some of it was heavy and by the time I got home I was hurting pretty bad so didn’t get much done around the farm. Hopefully I can make up for that today.

John and Wally stopped by yesterday to get an idea of what we need help with. Our church family is planning on coming out as a group and do a bunch of stuff, like fix the chimney and do some painting indoors. It will be a good time of fellowship and we will probably have a barbeque and food. I look forward to that. This is the kind of thing we hoped would happen with the Stanton church but instead never got one visitor or even a phone call for over a year. But when some closed their door God opened another and we are blessed.

Unfortunately, when I looked at the chimney elbows we had ordered in May to correctly install the chimney I discovered they were the wrong type and won’t fit at all. Nuts. I probably can’t return or exchange them now so must hurry up and order the correct ones. Fortunately our finances are in much better shape so we can afford to do so.

The dogs broke out of the kennel again. The first night they tunneled out and the second they found a weak spot in the fencing and forced their way out leaving a hole they then used as a door. I repaired that so hope it will hold them.

I’m struggling to stay awake so will nap now. Yesterday, after working for the old guy I conked out for over three hours.

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