Monday, September 22, 2008

Start of another week

9/22/08 Monday
It’s the start of another week. We put the three outside dogs in the kennel for the first time last night. That seemed to work well and they didn’t bark late into the night as they sometimes do. Of course they were whining to get out before the sun came up. The kennel is outside our bedroom window so they can hear when we get up. When it started getting light I let Rascal and Trixie out of the house and then released the others. They were happy to see me as they are every morning, jumping on me and craving pets. So I started the day with mud on my t-shirt. After letting them out I went back inside and watched some news for perhaps ten minutes. Then I went back out to replenish their food. Damn, Gretchen was in the process of eating a watermelon she had just broken open. I was hoping the kennel would stop that but it’s not to be. I guess I can’t blame her cause watermelon must taste just as good to a dog as it does to us.

John, a friend from church, called last night to ask if I could make a list of things we need done around here. I asked Cherie to look up his email address and she informed that they had sent me an email a week ago requesting the same thing. I had forgotten and never followed up on that, just another example of the problems short term memory loss causes. Everyone I talk to has this kind of thing happen and the older they get the more of a problem it becomes, with some exceptions of course. It’s just a bit worse with me, quite a bit. So, now that it’s on my mind, I need to make the list right away for with any distraction I will forget again.

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