Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a wonder she is!!!

9/23/08 Tuesday
Well I’m up and moving and had my breakfast so I’m ready to go. One of the first things I want to tackle is putting some old plywood down in the kennel. The dogs tunneled out last night. Yesterday I picked up an old refrigerator at the landfill that I will use as my vermicomposting (worms) bin. I’ll drill holes in the bottom, or technically the back, for drainage. It will lay on it’s back and I’ll keep the doors propped open to provide air. Refrigerator’s are good because of their insulation which helps keep temperatures in a healthy range for the worms. These little guys can make some of the best fertilizer you can find. I got some worms at the composting seminar, just hope they are still alive.

Then it’s back to mowing. And mowing. I ran over a brick yesterday and broke the lawnmower blade so we ran to Sears and got a new one last night. Then we went to the mall because I was hungry for something sweet after the chicken dinner that Cherie made. There wasn’t anything that looked good (I really wanted some apple pie) so we walked around the mall. Going into a jewelry store that is closing, so everything is on sale, we looked at wedding rings and Cherie checked out earrings. We’ve been married four years but never could afford wedding rings so don’t have any. We didn’t get any but a ring caught Cherie’s eye. Seeing how her eyes brightened up when she tried it on I encouraged her to buy it. She did.

It is so nice to be able to do simple things like that, to be able to afford little things. We had a great time just spending time together and again marveled that God had brought us back together and restored our marriage, and for that matter our lives. Even after four years it still boggles my mind when I look at Cherie’s beautiful face next to me. I mean, she’s here, really here with me after a seventeen year absence that left me empty. I hope that wonder will never cease, actually I’m pretty sure it never will. It is so good to be whole again, to be complete with my mate for life. Oh, things were hard at first as we both had to learn and adapt to each other and because things were financially on an edge (to put it mildly). But these hardships just brought us closer and cemented our relationship as we learned to hold each other up, learned to depend on each other. It was real hard on Cherie as she had, uhmm, still has to deal with the effects of my brain injury. Part of that is the anger issues that come up so easily. And there is the fact that I need to be…taken care of? guided? That’s not quite right so how do I describe it? I guess you would say that I am a child in some ways who needs to be reminded of what I need to do and sometimes told that I’m not behaving right. It is so exciting to be building this life together and a wonder to me how things are looking up for our future. God how I look forward to the years ahead.

Got to go to work now so see ya whenever I’m back.

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Janie said...

Hey Bob...one of my friends uses those paver blocks as his kennel bottom. (Like the cement square you got from us?) They can't dig through them and it's easier to clean.