Friday, September 12, 2008

Riches you can't buy

9/12/08 Friday
I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. Problem is I don’t drink unless it’s a glass of wine with a nice dinner and even then I draw the line at two. This is not unusual and perhaps indicates I had a seizure during the night as I am tired, like physically worn out tired. Add to that the headache and sensitivity to light and sound and you have a miserable morning. No big deal really as this happens all the time so I get up and get going anyway.

Cherie got her tooth pulled yesterday and that went well. The dentist had it out in minutes. He gave Cherie the tooth and I was going to take a picture of it and post it on the blog but she vetoed that idea in no uncertain terms. Oh well, I guess that’s the child in me that is fascinated by things like the long roots of a molar and want to frame it and put it on display. That’s why I’m glad to have Cherie around to check these inclinations and guide me on how to act.

It’s muggy out, another 93% humidity day. It’s only seventy or so and I’m already soaking wet with sweat. I made it to the composting seminar yesterday and got another composting bin. I was able to pick up a second one for Mark and Pam, who were unable to go. I worked all day yesterday and can’t really tell I did much of anything. Catching up on these weeds will be a contest for sure. Right now I’m running the lawnmower and then will break out the weed eater. Both of these items were gifts from our friends at the Simon department. There is no way I could do much at all without them. Them being the tools and the fellowship and encouragement they give us. Their love is more valuable than anything else someone could give us. Someone could give me a million dollars but without love I’d just be an empty millionaire. A poor man with good friends is a man with riches you can't buy.
12:20 – I’ve been working steadily, running the mower all morning. I had to stop because I’m getting so weak walking has become difficult. In my mind I thought it was ten thirty or eleven but was quite surprised to see how late it is. Perhaps part of the weakness is because I need to eat. I don’t know. My mental acuity is slow because it’s a struggle to find the words to write so that doesn’t help. This is all not unusual, just another day in the life of bob, another struggle to get things done. It is depressing to find myself picking up the debris of projects started and never finished, or in some cases never started. There is the attic pull down stair that I got from Steve and Janie but never put up. It’s now rotting wood that’s falling apart. Fact is I couldn’t have done it by myself anyway. There’s just no way I could hold it up in the rafters of the garage and nail it in at the same time. The pieces of the fence I had cut out still lie around the fence posts I put in for them but now have weeds growing between the boards. Mowing the weeds puts me face to face with these reminders of my inability to follow through. I don’t want to be tired, I don’t want to get weak, I don’t want to not get done what I aim for, I don’t want to have to take a nap, I don’t seem to have a choice. I’m tired now, in more ways than one. Perhaps a nap will refresh me. I suppose I should eat something too.

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Anonymous said...

"A poor man with good friends is a man with riches you can't buy."

What a beautiful statement!

Love, Jen