Monday, September 01, 2008


9/1/08 Monday
I was going to write this last night but when all was said and done was too worn out. My last words on Saturday’s entry were “If God wanted me to do the funeral He would make a way”. Boy did He. At Sunday school I got up and let everyone know about the whole situation, how the family wished I could be there to speak of Eileen at the funeral. I also let them know about the financial hardships that Suzie and the family faced with the funeral expenses. They took up a love offering that ended up being a substantial amount of money, about eight hundred dollars. But that was just the start. One of the couples we know in the class approached us with the offer of paying the way for both Cherie and I to fly to Toledo. Cherie isn’t able to go, not only because she just started her new job but because of the animals. There just isn’t time to find a kennel and make arrangements for three dogs and five cats.

After Sunday school (They call it “Bible Life Group”) was over John and Cindy invited us out to lunch, which we were glad to accept. It was nice, enjoyable even, to spend time with them and just fellowship. That’s a good word for it and describes this time well. We talked about lots of things but much of the conversation revolved around Eileen and the circumstances of her death as well as my telling them of the culture and life on the East side of Toledo. That can be a shocking glimpse into an unfamiliar world for some. But it’s the world I come from and a familiar place I called home.

After lunch we went to Dean and Cindy, the two who are helping me go to Toledo, in order to schedule and purchase the plane tickets. Dean also decided to rent a car. This will allow me greater freedom and mobility, thus allowing me to be of greater service to Eileen’s family and less of a burden. I called up Wayne, my friend with MS, and before I could ask he invited me to stay with him while there. The lower I can keep my expenses the more money I will be able to donate to the family. Dean also wrote a sizeable check for that purpose and encouraged me to call if I needed any more.

You know, I’ve talked of “Godcidences” before. So many times things just miraculously line up that a need is met that I can no longer call it a coincidence so I invented that word. Dean revealed that they had recently received a sum of money and were praying about finding a place to put it, considering it God’s money and wanting to honor Him. This and the check we received all came just at the time it was needed.

So I’m heading to Toledo this morning. Fact is I have to leave in about ten minutes so need to cut this short. I’ll write from Toledo if time and circumstances allow. Thank you so much, all of you who helped make this possible. When I called Suzie and told her I would be coming she was so relieved and happy that I could. Then I told her how much money I was bringing and where it came from. “How much did you say?” she incredulously asked. When I told her she said “How Much? What did you say?” as she did a double take. Then she cried. How good it is to be able to help and even more so when it is people I know and love. Got to go folks.

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God is good!!