Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold start

12/15/08 Monday
It’s a cold start to the week. A cold front blew in last night, dropping the temperatures to 18 degrees. Knowing it was coming I brought wood in and had a nice fire going so we were cozy. Rascal and Trixie now spend the night in the puppy room every night. This is because they, probably Rascal, tore the stuffing out of the couch we were given. Cherie restuffed it and sewed it up as best she could and we bought a couch cover to protect it. Between that and their stealing packages of food off the kitchen counter they have pretty much sealed that fate. Nothing like coming home and finding a whole bag of flour spread all over the living room. That was it.

Cherie has been trying to get the rust colored mineral deposits off of our tub for over a year now with no success. She put Lime Away or something similar on this faucet and it dissolved the plastic instead of the mineral deposits. So I had the idea of getting my orbital sander out and sanding these deposits away. Nope, not going to happen. First of all the sandpaper dissolves in water and the faucet leaks so much it stays wet. So I went out and got some of my wet/dry sandpaper and tried doing it by hand. This stuff is tougher than sandpaper. She will try soaking it in CLR again to see if that does any good. Talk about “Hard” water. No wonder the plants don’t thrive on it.

The dogs are all staying close to the house after yesterday’s fiasco. I think they understand it’s not acceptable to go a mile away. We checked on them every two minutes or so when we let them out this morning and always expressed our pleasure when they were near.

With the front came the ache in my bones that comes with every change in the weather. I’ve been so tired lately, more than usual. The earliest I can see the surgeon to look at this lump under my arm is January 3. It’s sure sore to the touch but other than that I don’t know it’s there. The doc said that if it’s a lymph node it can take three weeks to go away.

I started research for the business plan again. Part of me feel guilty because I’m not out doing something physical, you know, real work. But this needs to be done.

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