Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not a good start

12/9/08 Tuesday
Not a good start for the morning. Got up and let Rascal and Trixie out and released Ben and Gretchen from the kennel as I do every morning. A couple of days ago all four of them had disappeared so I got in the truck and drove around to find them. Rascal was the only one who had responded to my calling for them so he rode with me. This morning they disappeared again so I once again went looking for them, this time in the rain. The more I called the angrier I got, which is not good. Finally I saw Rascal and Trixie coming from the neighboring farmer’s barn so yelled at them to get home. They knew they were in trouble. I never saw Gretchen or Ben but figure they were over there as well. Ben has gotten in the habit of chasing the neighbor’s worker’s trucks to the barn when they come in the morning. This is something I had stopped Rascal and Trixie from doing when they were still puppies but Ben has gotten them back to doing it. It worries me for there can be anti freeze or other things that can harm them laying around, plus I don’t want my dogs bothering the neighbors. Getting angry is not a good thing for me.

There is a big cold front blowing in this morning and that is what brought the rain. I never did get the rye planted so will miss out on this rain that will germinate the seed. My garage/shop is a mess now. I haven’t finished the work bench or much of anything else connected with that project so the place is now so full of stuff I can’t move around, much less work on the project. Before it was all moved out to make room for me to work but I had to bring it in because of this storm. One of the goals of the project is to make a place to put everything.

I’m not sure what to do today. Perhaps I’ll sow rye seed if it’s not raining too hard. Perhaps not. Mostly I need to settle down.

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