Friday, December 19, 2008

Personality change?

One of the things I’ve been thinking on lately is my personality change. As Cherie and I talk about our pasts I realized that at one time I was quite a social person, very outgoing and fun to be with. When you read about traumatic brain injuries (TBI) you often see references to personality change. Some can be dramatic and some very subtle. What you hear is “He’s just not the same” or “He’s a different person”. Lets see, I was a preacher, salesman, radio disc jockey, and then a business owner where I was the head cheerleader and actively networked in the business community. These were all people skills activities requiring great ability to interact. Now I don’t think I smile that much, tend to not do well at conversation, and am not a real positive outgoing guy. I might be wrong but think it’s that way. So how can I get my old personality back? How do I undo whatever it is that conk on the head did to my brain to cause this?

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