Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time to get positive again

This is Monday's sunset featuring the lone pecan tree I like to show.

12/10/08 Wednesday
It’s time to get back to having a positive attitude. I’ve had weeks of frustration and the depression that comes with facing my difficulties. I’m sure the word “disability” applies but I don’t like using that word. I need to remind myself how blessed I am and not focus on the hard things.

It’s so nice to have pictures to look back on again. There are some CD’s I backed up pictures on a year or two ago that I want to load onto this laptop. I’ve yet to get the new external hard drive out of it’s box and back up both mine and Cherie’s computers. Keep intending to do it and, as usual, keep not getting to it. So that’s a goal for today.

Here's another oil well they are drilling near us. I heard that it costs a million dollars to drill one.

Winter is here now. It went down to twenty degrees last night. When I saw that Ben wasn’t going into the nice insulated doghouse I built, perhaps because Gretchen won’t let him, I decided to not lock them in the kennel so they can keep each other warm as they cuddle up and sleep on the love seat we have on the veranda. I had to break the ice on their water this morning.

I don’t know what I did yesterday but I know I didn’t sow the rye seed I talked about yesterday. What should I do today? I need to start over on research for my business plan for one thing. I also need to at least open a folder and start again writing the stories that will make up parts of the books I plan on publishing. There was so much I lost with the computer crash. But, I’ve started life all over again from scratch so can handle starting everything else over as well. Cherie will dig up the back up CD’s I made and I’m anxious to see what’s on them. I can’t remember if I backed up more than just pictures but I know the old journal is there somewhere.

Here's a picture of our house today. It always irritates me to see where my brother ripped off our grandmother by only painting half of the house she paid him to do. He constantly took advantage of her and sucked all the money out of her he could. But he lied and stole from me too so that's his nature I guess. I still have the check my grandmother sent me that he forged my name on the back of and cashed

The back half of the house is staying nice and warm from the fire in our woodstove. (Thanks again to Amy for that blessing) It would warm the rest of the house but we keep the air flow focused on the back room and bedroom where we spend most of our time. It’s good that I cut and stockpiled over a cord of firewood for that. The wood Jeannie turned us onto when her neighbor’s tree got damaged is a big part of that pile. It’s good to have friends who look out for you, keep an eye out for things you can use.

I need to borrow Chuck and Lillian’s trailer and collect more horse manure as I am sure it’s piling up at the old man’s and he would appreciate me keeping up with it as he no longer is spreading it out so I can get it. So that’s something else I need to put on my to do list for today. Hope I actually do it.

Time to get moving.


Amy E said...

Glad ya'll are keeping warm Bob. I was wondering how the weather was there...pretty cold here too, and we tend to keep all the doors closed so that the living room, bath and bedroom are the only rooms we have to heat. I think we have enough wood to get through the winter. I am used to having a 2-3 year supply, but being pregnant, kind of kept me from loading up on wood this summer. We are supposed to pick up a load of wood from my brother in law on Christmas Eve when we all get together.

Hope ya'll have a great Christmas, and with luck I can visit once the baby is born and we get settled.

Bob said...

Hi Amy, Good to hear from you. I lost the link to your site when my computer crashed but googled it yesterday and found it. This year we got a lot of wood but next year will be harder if we don't run into it like we did this year.