Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The rest of today (Wednesday)

I hurt myself today. The first manure I went after was from the old man’s bull and bull crap is a lot heavier than horse manure. I totally filled up the trailer, which is one of those made out of an old pick up bed. The first few shovel fulls where with a large scoop shovel and it didn’t take long for me to go down to a much smaller shovel. Despite the pain I pressed on to finish the job but moved slowly and tried not to bend over much. I had planned to go get the horse manure at the other location where his horses are kept but there was no way. I still had to unload the trailer when I got home. That was quite a challenge and I almost didn’t make it. Cherie could tell instantly, when she came home, that I was in bad shape, much worse than normal. I walked in a shuffle carefully moving one foot forward at a time to not jar or stress my back. The muscles in the back of my neck are knotted up. That isn’t something that has happened in a long time. I called Lillian to see if they needed their trailer back tonight cause I really didn’t feel like doing anything else today other than laying down. Fortunately they didn’t and tomorrow is clear as well so that works. It will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning. Hope it clears up.

Goodnight folks. I’m done for the day.

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