Friday, June 18, 2010

A headache morning

6/18/10 Friday
It’s a headache morning. One of the bad ones where light and sound beat me up. Hope it passes soon. Must stay in bed with lights and tv turned off. Took some aspirin for it. The pain pills do nothing for these though I had to take one anyway because the back pain is up there from cutting wood yesterday. Even the screen on this laptop is bright and I keep my eyes closed as I type, only opening them to see if I make mistakes. I’m sure that would look comical so am glad there’s no one here to see. Cherie prayed for when she left for work. Usually I pray for her but it’s not a usual morning. I hope this passes soon. I have much more wood to cut and always weeds to attack. It’s going to be a hot humid day so missing out on the cool of the morning will be a shame.

10:30 – There’s nothing more frustrating than laying in bed for two and a half hours, wide awake because your not tired, with your eyes closed because it hurts to open them. What an incredible waste of time, time I don’t have to waste because there’s so much to do. I tried to put Rascal and Trixie outside but they don’t want to go, they just want to stay close to me. It’s amazing how they sense when something’s wrong, or at least when you don’t feel good.

I refuse to just lay here any longer. I’ll put my sunglasses on and get moving despite the headache. Can’t tell that the aspirin did any good but I can sure tell that the pain pill I took at six this morning wore off. The doctor told me not to take one more than four hours apart so I can take my second one for the day now. When I go in for my checkup I’ll let them know that they don’t work as good so odds are I’ll get a stronger prescription. Hate it but they allow me to keep moving.
You can see all the weeds growing around the tomato plants.

I haven’t made a schedule of what I need to do today. Should do that now. I’ll try to work outside and see if I can push through this headache. If I can’t there is certainly some writing I need to catch up on inside. I’m planning on going to Fort Stockton for the prison ministry today. There is only one other person going so I need to find out if he is planning on riding down with me or if I’m riding with him. I don’t remember how to get to the prison so need a map. If I’m driving I’ll need to take Cherie’s truck for mine only has two gears that work, first and third. It slips in drive and won’t go into second gear at all. With over two hundred thousand miles on it I’m babying the truck so don’t want to take it on a long trip.

So I’m getting up and getting moving, whether I feel like it or not.

Going to Kairos prison ministry in Fort Stockton didn’t work out today. Took a bath and got all cleaned up with fresh clothes and rushed to Odessa to meet the guy I was riding down with. When I got there he was on the phone to a customer of his in Midland, trying to help them figure out how to get a printer working. They couldn’t figure it out so George told me he had to take care of his customer so wouldn’t be going to Fort Stockton. There’s no way I’m driving my truck that far as I’m not sure it would make the trip without breaking down. I’m hearing a squeak coming from the front wheel and am wondering if it’s a bearing. Speaking of that, the mechanic we had look at Cherie’s truck said I should repack her front wheel bearing as it was loose and they need that on a regular basis. That’s another thing I had forgotten about and just remembered now when I was talking about my truck.

So I came back home. Cherie whipped up a nice dinner and now I’m putting my grubby clothes back on and heading out to work in the garden. I’ll work out there until it gets dark as I usually do. I used to wear the fisherman’s head light to work after it got dark but now there are so many bugs out that it doesn’t work out well. With a bright light mounted on your forehead it attracts every flying bug there is, and there are a lot of them now. It doesn’t take long before you have hundreds of them flying headlong into your head and face at full speed so it also doesn’t take long for me to turn that sucker off and call it a bad idea. There’s a red lens on the light that I might try out to see if that doesn’t attract the bugs.

As I cut wood a guy I know, who does work for the old man, drove up. He’s got a house in Stanton and needs to have a tree removed so asked how much I would charge. I told him I couldn’t say until I looked at it so he gave me an address and his phone number. I’ll look at that tomorrow. It would be nice to get the job, especially if it would help me get work for some of the guys at Stepping Stone ministry. I’m not concerned for myself, we have plenty of wood that was dropped off and I’m sure I can get more. But I try to do as much as I can for others.

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