Friday, June 11, 2010

Heat to beat

6/11/10 Friday
Friday’s come around too quickly these days. A weeks gone by and it seems that nothing’s been accomplished. I’ll run to Steve’s this morning and stain some wood for him. Always glad to do anything for someone who has done so much for us. I expressed how glad I was that he asked for the help.

Watched the rain go north of us yesterday evening. There were storm clouds southwest coming our way so I hoped to get some rain but they fizzled out and never made it. We met with the USDA guys yesterday and they came out to the farm to look around. They pointed out all kinds of plants to me, explaining what they were and what they were, or weren’t, good for. Some were labeled as not worth much other than holding the ground together so it didn’t blow or wash away. Out here that’s worth a lot. It’s unfortunate that I will be unable to remember much of what they showed me but I can remember some. The memory is better than it was a few years ago and I’m always grateful for that.

Went to the Stepping Stone bible study Wednesday and enjoyed fellowshipping with the guys. Some had just gotten out of prison a few days ago and we talked of how hard it is to adjust to simple things like not hearing the 24 hour a day noise of prison life. The peace and quiet can be very unnerving and takes a while to adjust to. I so wish I had the funds to hire these guys, to help them in this period of adjusting to freedom, to provide a safe work environment without the issues that can be found in other places. That is part of my long term goal with creating this farm, to help them as they start life over, literally start over from scratch.
Firewood I need to cut and stack

This evening I head back to Fort Stockton with the Kairos prison ministry. I feel bad about not writing the guys I met there as I promised. There are so many things I want to do and don’t get to. It’s the biggest frustration I have with this TBI, this seeming inability to follow through on things. I am surrounded by unfinished business. Cherie dug up some forms I needed to fill out six months ago and never got to. One of them is for tax free diesel fuel for the tractor and there are others. Cherie is unable to be my “babysitter” and keep after me to do these things. Her hands are full as it is. I was able to build several companies despite multiple brain injuries years ago with the help of a secretary, who’s job was basically to remind me of what I was to do when. Like I’ve said before “I’m the smartest dumb person or dumbest smart person you will ever meet”.

There’s work to do and heat to beat so time to get moving.

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