Monday, June 14, 2010

It’s 2:34. I just came in to sit in front of the fan and cool off, along with laying down for a while till the pain level goes down to something manageable. I can’t take another pain pill till 4:00 and am careful about that. Moved the laptop to the bedroom where I can write laying down. Besides that it’s cooler here as the open window allows the air from the evaporative unit to flow through this room. With the unusual high humidity it only cools the air a small bit but every little bit helps. Besides, if we had regular air conditioner’s our electric bill would be sky high and things are tight enough as it is.

I’ve been hoeing down weeds all day and it doesn’t look like I’ve gotten much done at all. If it wasn’t for the sticker grass I would have gotten the tiller out and tilled it all under and been done with it by now. But the sticker grass is full of stickers, which are seeds, so tilling it in would just be effectively planting more. So I’m piling up the hoed weeds and after they dry will burn them, thus eliminating the seeds.

I did find two carrot plants that somehow survived so that’s cool. We harvested our first broccoli today. Nice big heads on them. I’m not sure when you’re supposed to harvest it. Some of the broccoli heads have big nodules or whatever they are called so I wonder if it is more mature than it should be. I’m pretty clueless on lots of stuff. Look it up and study but forget what I read shortly after I read it. I wonder how you tell when to harvest the carrots?

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