Wednesday, June 30, 2010


6/30/10 Wednesday
It rained some more last night and off and on most of the day so far. That makes it too muddy for me to use the plow. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll have to wait and see. Doesn’t matter cause there is plenty to do. It’s noon now and I just came in to take my pill. Ben and Gretchen were not here in the morning, as so often happens. When there was no sign of them by 11:30 I got in the truck and drove around, hoping to see them and encourage their journey home, and half afraid of finding their bodies somewhere. Didn’t have any luck locating them so I came back to the house.

Sam has been busy working for me all day. When I picked him up at the halfway house he expressed his gratitude for just allowing him to get away from there. I’ll keep him here working for as long as we have money to do so. He needs the money to pay his rent there, and is appreciative of having something constructive to do. We started the morning with a short bible study and prayer, as I try to do. Don’t always succeed at that when it’s just me working but when I have any of the guys here I make it important.

We alternate between working outside and organizing the garage depending on the rain. If it’s a light sprinkle we stay working out in it but when a shower comes rolling through we head inside the garage. We restacked the pile of wood that is to be burned for I noticed how close it is to where the main power line comes across from the pole. Last thing we need is for the intense fire to melt the insulation off of that. Right now we are clearing more weeds from some of the garden plots and plan on sowing more Bermuda grass seed there to take advantage of the wet ground.

On my way inside I saw Ben and Gretchen coming across the farmer’s field across the highway, on their way home. I breathed a sigh of relief and a prayer of “Thank you” to God (Yeah, I pray for my dogs) when I saw the miscreants. Suckers sure cause us a lot of stress. It would be nice if they stayed home but that’s not going to happen. At least they were in one piece and not full of porcupine quills or anything.

That’s it for now. There’s work to do and I can’t let Sam do it all by himself while I lay in bed and write this.


J.P. said...

Here's something I ordered and going to start next week ...
You spend the first hour of the day praying, reading the Bible and exercising. After thirty days you will have read the entire New Testament, Learn the 10 Commandments and feel better from exercise.

Bob said...

Cool, that's a great way to start the day. Do you read and exercise at the same time? I'll go check out the link