Sunday, June 27, 2010

A muggy day

6/27/10 Sunday
It is a muggy day, already warm despite only being 10:00 in the morning. Last night we were excited to see a big rain storm heading out way. I went online and looked at Channel 9’s radar and saw a big line of storms heading directly our way. “Cool, rain at last!” I thought and went outside to pick things up. The wind was blowing, lightning was flashing, and we could smell the rain in the air as we watched it come over Midland from the back yard. I turned off the water sprinkler I’d just started to try and save a few small pieces of Bermuda grass I found in the side yard. It was getting late and we generally call it a night after watching the news, which ends at 10:30.

The rain never came. It was hard to believe. I woke up this morning thinking I must have slept through the storm but going outside found everything to be dry as dust. In fact dust is a good description of what we have out there. God willing we will be blessed with some rain over the next few days. The weatherman predicts a 20% chance of rain so we’ll pray to be in that number.

Depression is a fight both Cherie and I have to make. I guess it’s Cherie’s turn now. She’s having a rough morning, crying but not knowing why. I prayed for her and assured her of my support and that helped some.

Yesterday we went to visit the widow. Cherie showed her the flyers and business cards she designed for Ms. G. The widows job at the school district is being messed with by the new head guy. He’s brought back children labeled as psychotic to the class and cut her hours. She must take a forced vacation too. All of this impacts the few dollars she makes there and depends on for basics in life. Her idea is to be a senior sitter, to assist families with seniors that need supervision by giving them some time away through her being able to sit with them. It’s a good idea and something Ms G has done before. So we are going to help her get something going.

While Cherie sat with Ms G I mowed her lawn and dug up some weeds. The grandson in law, whom is going through a divorce and living with her, was there. He has his two kids for the weekend so was playing with them. I’ve tried to talk to the guy but he avoids it. Come to find out he has been sneaking a girlfriend, who is also going through a divorce, in at night and trying to get her out early in the morning before Ms G wakes up. It’s sad to watch all of this. Not so much for him but because I know the trauma this has and will cause for the children. He will reap what he sows, and indeed already is, but the children are the innocent victims. I just want to smack him to wake him up. But it’s not my place to do so.

I need to unload the wood and brush from that tree we cut down. It will go in what will be a big burn pile. I just can’t burn until we get a good rain and it’s safe to do so. That might be a while. Time to get to work. We visited the local church we’ve been to a couple of times now. It’s a lot closer. We love our friends at the Midland church so don’t want to neglect them but it’s nice to not have to drive forty miles to go to church and back. I am conflicted about this. We like the little local church and it’s more in line with our background, church wise. For now we will divide our time between the two.

We just had a short but intense rain. One of these days I need to buy a new rain gauge. Meantime the one at the end of our driveway tells me that we got a decent amount of rain in five minutes. I’ll go out and check the soil in a bit to see how far down it permeated. Regardless of how far down it was there was enough that I can now go out and do what I’ve been desiring to do for weeks now, plant Bermuda hay seed and perhaps blackeyed peas too. It’s 4:00 so the rest of the day I’ll be playing in the dirt. Thank God for the rain.

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