Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making rough edges

This is a pergola. Never heard of one before but they are neat. If you want one I'll build it for you.

6/23/10 Wednesday
I’ll be taking Gretchen and Ben in to the vet this morning. We really have no choice in the matter. Dr. Law (our vet) mentioned that sometimes these quills can get stuck down in their throats. I’ll have to take them in one at a time as there is no way I can haul them both at the same time in my pick up.

Worked hard yesterday. Evidently harder than I thought. I didn’t get to Midland to work on Steve and Janie’s pergola till 3:30 and stayed till 9:00. I was moving slow and cranky by the time I got home. Come to find out it got up to 103 degrees yesterday so that didn’t help but I was able to divide my time between outside work and fixing their chairs inside. I don’t have a lot of confidence in one of the chairs I fixed because it was poorly engineered in the first place.

I figured out the best way to make matching rough edges on the veneers I made for the pergola. Come to find out the Swiss Army knife Steve gave me has a saw blade in it that worked better than anything else. Here’s a picture of it. The veneers work well but not as well as I want. I’ll be cutting some more pieces today to complete the job.

There is always much to do and seldom enough time to do it. I was blessed with extra cash designated to pay for help from the Stepping Stone ministry guys so will definitely be putting that to use. But first I need to coax Gretchen out and get her in the truck. That will be an adventure as now she’s afraid I will try to remove some more of those painful quills. Breaks my heart. At least Ben comes for a pet now though he does so with trepidation. They can’t and haven’t eaten since coming home yesterday morning after their run in with the porcupine.

12:55 – Went out to work. Noticed I had a hard time walking due to the right leg not working well. That’s the side they taught another part of my brain to operate. As I prepared to cut wood for Steve’s pergola had a hard time thinking it through. It’s a slowdown, another petite seizure. Came back in to record it. Hope it doesn’t get worse. Perhaps the headache was a sign it was coming. Typing in slow motion now as I struggle to find words to say. Need to help Cherie pick up the dogs. Still have the headache. Took aspirin. Hope it helps. Might ought to stay in bed but not inclined to do so. This always sucks.

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