Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This would be our 31rst anniversary from the first marriage

My first and third wife folks. What a wonder she is.

6/2/10 Wednesday
The hundred degree days start now. According to the weatherman it will hit 100 today and keep going up till it gets to 106 on Sunday. Yesterday evening I watched storm clouds, with heavy rains coming to the ground clearly visible, go through Midland heading northeast. Midland is over twenty miles away and there was no question that these storms would bypass us by at least that far. We’ve been needing rain for a long time, with all the Bermuda seed I’d sowed lying dormant or blowing away, so I prayed. “God, we can use some of that rain. Could you bring it our way?”. The winds, that were blowing the clouds away, changed direction right then. I wondered at that, wondered if God heard my prayer and did this or if it was just happenstance. So I watched the storms, straining to tell if they were coming our way, if they had actually changed direction. I knew from watching the weather radar online that everything within a hundred miles was heading northeast and now this storm seemed to be coming straight south. It wasn’t long before we were in the midst of a thunderstorm with lots of lightning and some hail as well. The power went out and unfortunately that blew our Stelera internet box. In fact, when I looked at the box the wire going to the outside antenna had somehow popped out. Fortunately none of our computers appear to be damaged.

So we got rain. That will make for a very humid 100 degree day but that also changes all my plans. I had intended to go to Odessa and work on tearing down the barn today but with the rain and wet soil I must attend to this farm. It’s good in a way because both of the guys I had scheduled to help with the barn became unavailable. Mike said he hurt his back and the other guy had a parole meeting of some type. So I was going to go out there by myself, to the great worry of my wife and the concern of Steve, who said “That’s dangerous, you can get hurt”. But I try to be a man of my word, to do what I say, and have put this off for a while being unable to pay for help until we were blessed last week with that surprise gift. The guy who had a parole meeting said he would be available tomorrow so perhaps we can get out there then, Lord willing. I try to believe that God has His hand on our life so perhaps all of this was providence of some type. I don’t know, just pray for that confidence, that kind of faith. Regardless, I go with the flow. I’ve got a full day of activity now that it rained, in fact more than I can do in a day and I’m sure the heat will take a toll. I helped Steve stain wood yesterday and the heat sure slowed me down. He would like me to help some more but I had already scheduled tearing down the barn and now the rains came so must focus on what needs to be done here on the farm.
The first wedding, back when I was skinny and had hair. Love her so much I had to marry her again.

By the way, Cherie reminded me that we had been married the first time on June 2, 1979 so today would have been our 31st wedding anniversary from that marriage. We were remarried on June 20th 2004 (I think but have a hard time remembering for sure) so when that date comes by we can celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. Regardless, it’s a reminder of the miracle our life is, the miracle of how our lives and marriage has been restored. She’s gorgeous and I am still amazed to see her by my side, and intend to stay amazed. This helps me with my faith, that had been so damaged, and helps me say “There is a God” who loves us and is actively involved in our lives.

There is work to do and it’s going to get real hot so I’m done writing. Hopefully we will get a replacement internet box soon so I can post this online but in the meantime I’ve got to get busy.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful couple, inside and out! Happy Anniversary whenever it is!
love, Jen

Bob said...

First marriage June 2, second marriage to Cherie (actually my third marriage overall) June 20. So we get to celebrate lots.

Amy said...

I'd take the 31 years, in the eyes of God you weren't ever divorced, so 31 years is it...especially loving her the entire time. And I like the part about loving her so much you married her twice. That is great!
Hope you are feeling better, and thanks for the offer of helping with the car, still waiting to hear from the mechanic on the full diagnosis.