Friday, November 21, 2008

I got my laptop back so now begins the process of rebuilding what I can and figuring out how to download software I once had. It's basically a brand new computer now with nothing on it. I don't even remember much of what I had. All the links and research are gone. The book I'm writing I'll start over from scratch. The wireless isn't working now so I must figure that out. It worked before I took it in. I'll call Best Buy this morning to see what they say. It's twenty five degrees or so outside so will be a good day to stay in and work on this but there are still (and always will be) things to do outside. Hope I don't get too lost or confused.

Yesterday was a pretty good day after having two really bad ones in a row. Hope today will be good as well. Need to fix something to eat while I'm thinking about it.

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Amy E said...

when you start writing your book again, send it to yourself in Yahoo, then you will be able to access the document wherever you are, or if your computer goes down again. I do this with important items that I may want to work on while out of town, etc...

Just a thought! ;-)