Sunday, September 18, 2005

91705 Saturday

9/17/05 Saturday
     It has been interesting as always. I am fixing to go to Sharon’s to give her information on the Paxil she can no longer get. When I went on the net it became clear that her problems with that drug are common and dangerous. There are many lawsuits going on so I hope to get her on board that train. Hopefully when I get back I will be cognizant enough to fill in today’s events.
     It is 7:20 and I just got home. This has been an interesting day and I have much to write while I am still sharp. The day started with me taking Fred to pick up Barb and get her to the dentist. While we headed over to Barb’s I mentioned that Basil still lived there. Fred got upset and said he didn’t want to hear it so I shut up.
     We got Barb to the dentist and waited outside. She went in and came back out in just a few minutes telling us the office was packed and she was told they are running behind. She started needling Fred to buy her some coffee. After a while he gave in so I started up the car and headed out to find a carry out or someplace that sold coffee. That done we went back to the dentist and again stayed in the car when Barb went in. We waited an hour and a half getting more and more impatient as time ticked by. Finally Barb came out so we left to go to Kroger where Fred was going to buy Barb groceries.  I had already advised him this was just enabling her to be wasteful and probably get more drugs. He had tried to disguise the fact he was doing the shopping for her but I pretty much knew it all along.
     In Kroger Barb was not listening to Fred and getting as much as she could, taking advantage of the fact he could not see. I had left them to themselves and walked around the store to give them breathing room. When I came back it changed quickly as I would tell Fred the prices. Barb would go off and bring packages back, trying to slip them into the shopping cart like a kid sneaking candy. Fred was getting tired so I motivated things to get this finished.
     With that done Fred took us to Red Wells where he told Barb not to go overboard cause he did not have much money. This time Barb actually listened and just got a roast beef sandwich. As we ate I asked Barb again how much money she got a month for food. She had avoided answering that before but couldn’t now. It was $200.00 so I asked if Basil was giving her money to cover his food. Barb had been talking about how Basil was working today and left at seven. Fred finally heard and angrily asked Barb if Basil was still living with her. She wouldn’t answer so I told her she better tell the truth because I already knew the answer. Now Fred understood Barb had been steadily lying to him and it crushed him. He looked at me and said he was the biggest sap in the world.
     Now Barb, seeing her lies exposed, started backpedaling hard and then in anger told me “I don’t talk about you so why are you talking about me?”. I told her that the truth is the truth and she could talk about me all she wanted. She tried to get Fred upset at me telling him I used pot, I didn’t work and was leaching off my wife, and anything else she could think of. I just laughed. We got her home and I carried in her food and left. Fred was demolished as he realized how he had been used. He cares for her and I told him I would still take her to necessary appointments but he needed to make her responsible for her money because she got plenty for her food. He agreed but I think he will relent as she pulls her “I’m starving” guilt trip.
     Back home Cherie called me to let me know Sharon had called from the hospital and needed a ride home. She had gone into the emergency room at 3:00 in the morning because of the withdrawals from the Paxil that the pharmacy’s no longer seemed to have. Eventually Sharon called me and asked me if I could print out the internet stuff on Paxil I had looked up for her the other day. I did so and found this was a national problem with major lawsuits all across the country. I downloaded lots of stuff including phone numbers of law firms handling the suits.
     I took this to her and we talked about it. She is in bad shape. The hospital was clueless about these issues and apparently so are most medical professionals, including pharmacists. The drug company has been keeping this under wraps despite pulling it off the shelves and leaving thousands of those who required medication for depression to go through nasty withdrawals. Not good but not unusual for the drug companies who are milking the world for all they can get. No honor or integrity here.
     After talking with Sharon I went down and visited with Wayne. Some friends of his son were visiting and we ended up talking about God. I taught them for two hours, answering questions and I guess counseling also. Then Cherie called to see what happened to me. I then realized what time it was and excused myself to go home where Cherie was fixing chicken enchiladas. Now I am tired and will call it a day.

9/18/05 Sunday
     I am not real speedy this morning and maybe depressed.
Cherie had lots she wanted to do so I told her to stay home instead of going to church. I went to make sure Bill got my community support report and kind of wanted to see if he had any feed back on my comments to him Wednesday. I didn’t get a chance to talk but I did leave my report. I talked to the couple who sat in front of me. I could tell they were not well off which made me more comfortable with them. The guys name is John I think but I can’t remember the woman’s name (I presume she is his wife)
     I had Cherie buy steaks yesterday so we could cook out for Wayne so I picked him up after church. I decided we would do this at our apartment cause I have no interest cooking outdoors at Wayne’s due to the drugs and characters there. It went well but I put a DVD on this computer so we could watch it. I suppose I should buy a regular DVD player for our TV cause this isn’t conducive to an audience.
     We watched the Aviator about Howard Hughes. It started out ok but got pretty boring and slow. I was getting tired and didn’t want to be rude so hung in there as the movie seemed to drone on forever. I finally asked Wayne if it was boring him and told him I would just give him the DVD to take home. He was bored and had wanted to go home but was being polite also.

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