Friday, December 15, 2006

Hate it when I lose a day

12/15/06 Friday
Was doing great this morning. Woke up sharp and energetic. I got the door closer installed on the office door and we began clearing half of the back room in preparation for painting. Cherie washed down the walls.

It’s 1:22 and it’s get dizzy and have a headache time. Hate when that happens of course. I’ll find something to do that doesn’t require any thinking cause I am slowing down fairly quickly. I know these partial seizures will make me tired but don’t want to lay down. It’s a beautiful sunny day with the temperature going to the seventies so I don’t want to waste it.

I went out back to check where the pack rats had been but disturbed a flock of about twenty quail. Love to watch them scurry around. I went into the house and got the camera but they took off before I could get close. Still caught them on the fly. Better stop now cause it is getting hard to write.

3:45 – This is a rough one. Went back and forth, thought I was getting better when Wham! It hit. Headache at migraine level despite all the meds. Having a hard time standing up because of the loss of balance. Can’t even do simple tasks. Am forcing myself to write this so there is a record. Now I must go lay down. Ears are ringing loudly. Nuff said.

I hate it when I lose half a day. All I got done was getting the door closer on, watering and covering the compost pile, and taking out the garbage. Cherie and I did have a chance to sit outside and dream about what we’d like to do. Skittles jumped from lap to lap soaking up all the pets he could get. It was a relaxing nice time but then the slow down came. It knocked me out of the day till after 6:00 and by then it was dark and I was pretty tired. Of course now, at 10:30, I’m wide awake. Go figure. The migraine is gone also though there is some residual pain left. I will go lie down and try to sleep as Cherie is in bed now and sleeps better when I’m there. Hope tomorrow is better. We plan on painting half of the back room.

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