Friday, December 22, 2006

Last warm day for a bit

12/22/06 Friday
Good morning. I woke up and looked at the clock, finding with amazement that it was already 7:00. Usually I’m awake by 5:30 or earlier. Cherie had a hard time waking up also. I guess we were both pretty tired. We’ve had our coffee and ate cereal for breakfast. Then I went out to feed Skittles. He was scratching at the door as he is every morning anymore. I had his food in the coffee mug we now use for that and Skittles followed me eagerly into the garage where we have set up a, I suppose you’d call it a nest for him. In it I placed Cherie’s heating pad under the blanket he lays on to keep him warm during the freezing nights. I poured his food into the bowl but he was more interested in getting his pets and hugs than food. This is the norm with him now. Going around the house to inspect things as I do Skittles followed me, bounding around like a little puppy dog. I’ve never seen a cat act like this before. Then, when I went inside, he meowed like he had lost his mother, almost a loud howl. He’s just lonely which is something I can relate too and accounts for his craving for affection. I usually sit in the chair out in what I call the veranda and he crawls all over me purring like crazy.

Skittles and Carman kitty have spent allot of time examining each other. Carman hasn’t been too happy but Skittles seems eager to make a friend. On the warm days when we have the doors open with only the screen door there it has been interesting. One time Carman launched an attack that nearly opened the door. Skittles disappeared for about ten seconds but soon returned meowing in a “I want to be your friend” way. Now that weeks have gone by Carman seems less threatened by Skittles but that may just because he knows Skittles isn’t allowed in.

I’m going to get some work done outside as this is going to be the last warm day till after Christmas. First I will continue getting the winter wheat seeds spread out and raked over in the front of the house. Then I will finish pulling the nails out of the baseboard and paint them in preparation for installment when we are finished painting the back room and hall. Cherie is working on the kitchen. The last major nasty spot is under the sink. With that done she will work on choosing what goes where. That’s partly a response to my nudging (or I suppose nagging). I have a firm belief that there should be a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Part of this is from the brain injury as I do much better with surroundings that are familiar where I know what is where. It’s much better than it used to be. In the early days of my recovery it would really throw me off when things changed. Of course that was back when every time I woke up it would take a while to figure out where I was. Pretty much disorientated till I could figure it out because everything was completely unfamiliar at first. Kinda like you were transported to some strange place in your sleep. After a period of time that would wear off though I still wouldn’t know what day it was. I am much better now thank God. Time to go to work now folks so I’ll see ya next time I make it to this journal.
1:17 – I just had a nice lunch Cherie fixed. It was some of the big batch of beans I had cooked up last week mixed with some fresh cornbread made with canned corn in it the way she likes. I like it too. I’ve been pulling up the rocks from the walkway I uncovered. We have decided to shorten it to accommodate the drive we envision coming through there. I also cleared some of the remains of the brush Ronnie had mowed down way back when. Then I spread some of the winter wheat he gave us and covered it with dirt from the walkway. Then I put the water sprinkler on it. I washed the baseboard in preparation to painting it. It is fairly nasty and a little torn up but it’s all we have so will do just fine till we are in better shape. I was slowing down while Cherie and I ate lunch so had to call it quits for a bit. Will take a nap. That usually helps.
8:08 – It did help but didn’t take the headache away. I finished pulling the rocks and dug out where I would like to place them. Then I spread some more of the dirt where I sowed the winter wheat seeds. The covey of quail discovered the seeds and were feasting on them. Skittles was busy sleeping as he does so I woke him up and told him he wasn’t doing his job. He didn’t care. Typical cat.

I set up the sprinkler and kept it watering the area though I still had to keep the quail off. Then I got the baseboard painted. Cherie and I went for a walk up to the well and back. She needed it because of frustration stemming from dropping things in the kitchen including our lone electric pot burner which broke. It’s still good just lost a bit of plastic. Also frustrating was she kept getting bumped off line. Walking is something we have talked about doing for our health and to help Cherie lose weight. It’s a pretty good walk to the other end of eighty acres. There is lot to see if you learn how to look so I pointed out many of the signs of life. We didn’t see any animals but we know they are there. Lots of holes in the ground. Cherie asked what lived in them and I told her I really didn’t know but that most animals need shelter and there isn’t much available but a hole in the ground. Anyway it was a nice peaceful time.

Getting back Cherie went to work getting the chicken ready for our rotisserie oven. It’s the one that Steve and his wife bought us. Cherie was going to save it for our Christmas dinner but noticed that the date said to cook by the 22nd. That’s today so it’s chicken day. It was a great chicken and we will cut as much meat off as we can for chicken salad, then we will boil the rest to make chicken soup. No waste here guys.

Right now Cherie is making banana nut bread cause our banana’s were getting ripe. I’m looking forward to that. There is nothing interesting on TV so I am here writing. Of course we can only get two stations right now. That’s what’s weird in this house, we never know what channel will come in when. One will be crystal clear one day and not there at all the next or fade out in the middle of a show. Frustrating. One of these days I’ll move the antenna and get it set up better but can’t till I get a taller ladder. There used to be one here but of course that mysteriously disappeared as did pretty much everything else of value. If I could find proof of those who stole from Lee and as heirs from me I would file criminal charges in a heartbeat but that probably won’t be possible. Nothing lower than someone who steals from family or friends. Low life pieces of crap. I would at least make sure everyone possible would know. Larry I have evidence on. Found checks Lee had sent to me that Larry forged my name on the back of and cashed. He forged our mother’s name on the title of her truck after she died to make it his. That I can also prove. All this is just the tip of his shenanigans. Enough of this bitter ranting. I’ll let it go for now but it still eats at me.

The banana nut bread is starting to smell real good. Think I’ll go online and post this after I check my E mail.

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