Thursday, December 28, 2006


12/28/06 Thursday
It is windy as predicted this morning. We ate oatmeal as there are only two eggs and almost no milk left but when my disability check comes tomorrow (fingers crossed here) we will be able to stock up.

I don’t think I will be doing much outside. Cherie will run into town and check our mail. The wind is out of the south so burning the bus crap is out of the question and besides that it makes the 39 degrees temperatures feel like 30. Perhaps we can do the painting we didn’t get to yesterday. I am running just a hair below average as far as my brain function goes, about a 6 on the bob scale. There is a headache present but it’s not a bad one.

Well I kinda froze as far as what to write so I’ll just go online and check E mail.

That turned out to be a chore. I think the wind is causing interference, perhaps from blowing the high power lines that go in front of the house. I know the TV channels are deciding to come and go so something is up. Anyway I’ve been bumped offline a few times so here’s another try to post

It was a long hard day. I stayed at a six or less all day long with a steady headache. Everything was a chore to do. Much of the time I was unsteady on my feet. I pretty much piddled around in the garage straightening things out. I decided to put one of the old two by fours I had recovered from someplace across the wall so I could hang tools like shovels and pitchforks up. I didn’t have any nails big enough so went out back and pulled some from the old fencing I had torn down. They were pretty bent and rusty so I hammered them straight and sharpened the tips I had flattened hammering them out. Then I worked on getting the two by four up. I did, it wasn’t straight but I don’t care, it works.

With that done I went into the house. I really was tired and felt like lying down but pushed on anyway. Cherie and I decided to finish painting the back room. Painting is something I can do when I’m not real sharp. As long as I don’t have to figure things out I’m fine. Anyway we got it all pointed. I went back out to the garage and put in nails for each tool I wanted to hang, one at a time to make sure I didn’t get confused.

Cherie came out to let me know that the news was coming on cause she knows I like to watch it. I came in and we watched it. The weather says there will be thunderstorms tonight so I had to go out and get things put up that I didn’t need to get rained on. I closed up the garage and that’s pretty much my day. Of course now that it’s come to an end I am sharpening up some and the headache is finally gone. Go figure.

That’s it for today. Pretty sucky day in general. Tomorrow will be better, especially if my check comes in. Then we can get our laundry done and pick up some things we need. Oh yeah, here’s some pictures of the stuff I pulled off the bus.

Yeah I know. Who wants to see more pictures of crap. That's how crapy my day was when these are the best I can do. See ya tomorrow, it'll be better for sure.

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