Friday, December 08, 2006

Still cold but we're camping out in the house well

12/7/06 Thursday
It’s been a cold windy day. I have been doing fairly well but did have a slow down. In fact am still running slow, about a four on the Bob scale. Got the clothes hanger finished and installed. Feels good to finish something I started because that doesn’t happen as much as it should. After I had it up I decided it would be smart to make a knob for the end. It’ll make it safer as running into the end of that pipe would hurt.

I took one of the Hydrocodone for this headache. I don’t know if it will work but am having Cherie make note of it. This is only the second one of these pills I have taken since I got the prescription. I don’t remember if the other one was for a headache or the pains I have from aggravating my back and neck injuries when I did some lifting. That’s why I asked Cherie to keep tabs on it. I am real careful about medications.

I painted around the kitchen and bathroom windows after I put up the curtain rods Cherie had bought. She is starting to work on the curtains. I love to work with wood and she is the same with sewing. I will clear a table so it can be her sewing area.

Wish I was doing better. Writing this is a struggle. Will go watch news and maybe the brain will work better after a rest.

12/8/06 Friday
It’s been cold the last few days, around twenty one degrees this morning. I just came in from working on the compost pile. Not sure what I’m doing but what the hey, I’m doing something. I never used to get to play in the dirt, Now I can but after tracking some in on our new carpet I was "Advised" to take my boots off when I come in. No problem, I'll just pretend I'm in Japan or something. We picked up a soil P.H. tester the other day but I think I’ll let things settle down on the pile before I test it. Right now I am mixing dirt with the grass and tumbleweed clippings. It’s a slow process as I can only do so much before I get tired and sweaty. Been doing it a bit at a time for the last three days including today. The partial seizures seem to be increasing lately. I think it’s mostly because of stress.

I wonder if the physical work where I get to breathing hard and my heart rate goes up contributes to the partial seizures? Was fairly sharp this morning when I went outside but have slowed just a little and have a headache coming on now. Even if it does I’ll keep on getting this exercise because I know that in the long run I’ll be much better for it. Get this body where it runs better and much more efficiently. It’s a shame my brother did nothing the doctors told him too when he picked me up from the hospital. Part of that was to get me in rehab both for my physical condition as well as the brain injury. The other part was to observe me to detect any problems such as seizures. I now know I had many seizures then but because I was alone in the house in cracktown there was no one to see. I would wake up and see the furniture knocked over and have cuts and scrapes on my body. Of course I wouldn’t remember a thing so would just wonder what happened. It wasn’t till Cherie came back into my life that anyone knew I had seizures. The grand mal that put me in the hospital for three days was the capper. Then everyone became aware of this. Helped the doctors at the VA understand I really had a brain injury. I suspect that until then they thought I was faking things.

I took a picture of Cherie with Carman Kitty the other day because they were so cute. Of course I am just a little in love with her so she always is striking to me. I am so grateful to have her in my life because, among other reasons, she takes care of me. Without her I would have a difficult time functioning. Anyway, enough of that. Time to get busy. I’ll probably do inside work because of the cold. Already went outside where I fed and petted Skittles. That cat is growing fast since we started taking care of him. He now lays down at the doorway till we come out despite the below freezing temperatures. Then he follows us around like a little puppy dog. One of these days I’ll step on him or get tripped. It’s 10:30 now so I think I will post this on the blog and rest a little. Cherie is going to get Christmas cards today. We won’t be able to get gifts so we’ll have to stick with cards. I figure we’ll print up some pictures or something to send with them.

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