Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I hate reminders

12/26/06 Tuesday
How I hate reminders. Not of things I need to do but of this thing called a disability. I used to joke “I am either the dumbest smart person or the smartest dumb person you will ever meet. It just depends on the moment you meet me”. I haven’t said it much lately as trying to find humor in this problem doesn’t seem to work very well. While it is a cute play on words at the same time it is an accurate description of what I go through. I am sharp, I am slow, I run across the board at the random will of my brain. Today was another example.

I planned on making a bottom to fit in the metal cabinet that I plan on painting for Cherie. She will use it for her sewing stuff. In order to cut straight lines with my circular saw I decided to make a jig. It’d be great to have a table saw as that would solve this issue but that’s ok. I do the best I can with what I’ve got. Now making the jig is no big deal and I have made them before when I had the wood shop. As I dug through the pieces of wood I have scavenged I had an idea. Wow! I thought. It’d work great to put a strip of wood on the bottom so I could securely mount the jig on the handy work bench I got on sale at Lowe’s.

Pleased with my clever idea I proceeded to put this together. I was careful to insure the edges were straight as providing a straight cut is the purpose of the jig. It excited me to be making this piece as it would be something I will use for years to come. I am building my shop one little piece at a time. Each piece puts me closer to this goal. I cut, I drilled, I glued, and I screwed, then I started slowing down so I went in to take the nap that often helps.

As I lay in bed it suddenly dawned on me. Damn. My clever idea not only wouldn’t work but rendered everything I had done useless. You see the saw guide has to rest on top of the piece of wood I am cutting. By putting the wood strip on the bottom and clamping it in the workbench there was no way I could do that.

I was still slow when I went out to the garage to look at my blunder. I decided to make the last cut just on principle with the hope I could find a use for this piece of wood. I took the saw and started making the cut. That didn’t last long. I cut the handle off the workbench. That’s it. I should know better than play with power tools when I am going through a petite seizure. Cognizance is the awareness of ones surroundings and that includes things like where a saw blade is heading or at least looking before you cut. I put the saw away and went in. Cherie and I put the first coat of paint on the backroom after I patched the hole in the wall I made removing the shelf under the air conditioner. I guess I shouldn’t use a pry bar when I am slow either.

It was a frustrating day but Cherie fixed a fantastic dinner that made up for it. Another bright spot was an E mail I got from my son Bruce. He answered the one I had sent. His was short but still a blessing just to hear from him.

It’s 8:00 now and I think I need to call it a day. Got another headache and am still tired.

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