Friday, December 29, 2006

Storms rolled in

12/29/06 Friday
The storms rolled in last night with lots of lightening and rain. If I had been sharper yesterday, knowing rain was forecast I would have pulled the tarp over the pile of stuff I had cleaned out of the bus. Now I have a soggy, heavy pile of mostly cloth items. It is supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow also.

The disability check did make it in. Cherie went through the bills and paid many of them online. I looked at what we owe and made a decision that we must skip paying some of them in order to eat and have electricity. It’ll be another tight month. When all is said and done we have maybe $250 left after the bills we did pay. That works out to $62 a week for food and gas. There are some bills that may come up we don’t have a handle on yet. If the Farm Bureau finally gets a quote and approval on our car insurance they will want cash right away. We still owe Patrick, the attorney we ¬had to get for the estate, $900. He agreed to accept payments and we haven’t been able to do that for two months.

This is hard on Cherie. I need to talk to Billie Pinkerton to encourage her to finish the taxes on the estate so it can finally be closed and we can receive what little is left in the account. Cherie is looking for a job and I will be focusing on making this a working farm but that will take about five years. The first step for that will be researching available resources such as grants and programs designed to help farms and those with disabilities. There is a whole lot of things out there but I have to find them. That and I need to get an education, probably through Texas A&M university, on farming cause I don’t have a clue being basically a city guy. It’s going to be a rough few years but I am confident things will work out. Just have to keep our spirits up.

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farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

I don't think you need to go and get an "ag" degree. Spend your money on animals and fencing first. Of course financial aid should help you get a degree but I find that what you will learn there isn't really what a homesteader needs. It seems more for big farms.
Get some rabbits and chickens first. Good source of food and easy to raise and breed. Then work your way up. The internet is a great help---as good as the college will be. Good Luck