Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lost six hours

12/5/06 Tuesday
Rough day. I had a slow down that was particularly bad. This petite seizure was a physical one and I had to make sure there was something I could touch to stay upright. This one lasted for over six hours so I lost a chunk out of my day, therefore nothing I planned got done.

I did get the carpet laid out yesterday. It isn’t stretched and tacked down but it is still a great improvement. Even this was a tremendous boost for Cherie and she was practically dancing on it. Carman Kitty loved it as well. It is the only carpet in the house and after living in the apartment where everything was carpeted he just sprawled out.

I hope tomorrow will be better. These slow downs are never convenient and I’ve had more than usual lately. I called Ohio’s BMV to see what the things that showed up on my driving license report were. Come to find out the administrative suspension was because when Ohio sent me a letter stating that they no longer needed to have that I was required to where glasses and I was to go in to have it changed I never did. Hell I figured it was no big deal and really I still do. So my license said I should wear corrective lenses and it didn’t need to sat that. Stupid bureaucrats.

There was something called a compact conviction that showed up. That was the speeding ticket I got in Tennessee when we were returning from Minnie Lee’s ninety eighth birthday. No big deal. Then Ohio listed an accident. Actually that’s all it said “Accident” with no explanation. That was when I got rear ended at a light because I didn’t want take a chance of running a red when it turned yellow. The lady at BMV said it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, anytime you have an accident it is listed. When I told Paula at the Farm Bureau all this she couldn’t believe it. “Every state has their own little way of doing things but Ohio takes the cake” she said.

Cherie cooked a chicken in the toaster oven we bought that has a rotisserie in it. The chicken was fantastic but we need to buy some of that string used to tie up meat when it’s cooked. I had to get some baling wire to tie the legs because they were flopping around and threatening to tie up the works.

Skittles, our new outside cat, has taken to his new home well. Acts like a little puppy dog, bouncing around underfoot whenever we are out. He has a wound on his rear flank from where some animal attacked him. It is getting infected so I had Cherie get the triple antibiotic ointment I use on the many cuts I get out her. She helped as I applied it to his wound. I was surprised that he didn’t put up a big fight. I guess he knows we are trying to help. He is staying cozy in the little den I fixed up for him under my work bench. The heating pad we put under his blanket helps him stay warm when it’s below freezing, which is pretty much every night now. He wants to come into the house in the worst way but we won’t let him. First of all Carman Kitty won’t allow it and also we wouldn’t let him in till we had him fixed and checked out. When the critter hits puberty he’ll be spraying his advertisements all over the place. Besides that I want him out in the garage to keep the rats away.

It’s late (8:30 is late for me) and the six hour slow down took allot out of me so I’ll call it a night.

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