Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bad weather? poorer inside than out

1/19/07 Saturday
The bad weather finally got here though it isn’t as bad as it could have been. No snow, mostly ice. Rte. 250 in Midland is closed as are several other highways. There are power outages reported from downed lines. These are from the weight of the ice and also limbs breaking off from the weight.

I am running a bit below average this morning, about a five on the bob scale. Went out and fed Skittles. The wound he had on his back flank is opened and raw again. This is strange because it had been healing up. I suppose I should put ointment on it again.

Our ice is not bad at all, in fact there are still puddles of unfrozen water out there. Don’t know what I’ll do today but there is a headache that is rapidly growing right now so I’m sure I won’t do much for a while. Cherie has the PC card so when she is done I’ll go online and post this.

It’s a crawl under the covers migraine so won’t be doing anything for a while. Even had to turn the brightness on this screen down to the lowest level because if my sensitivity to light.

5:26 – I spent the whole day in bed but I didn’t waste it. I’ve been studying online everything I can find regarding our farm. Lots of that was wading through the different government programs. What a big world that is. I noticed that mohair often was mentioned many times so I looked at that out of curiosity. Come to find out Texas is the second biggest producer of mohair in the world.

I kept copious notes as I must for studying with a serious short term memory problem makes things hard. For me to remember I must go through it several times. It’s just like it is for everyone, repetition helps things stay, just have to work at it harder than most. Gone are the days I could read a book on a day and recall it all. Used to drive the teachers crazy in high school cause I never did homework, just read the books and aced the tests.

Skittles front paw is so bad he won’t put it on the ground at all. We wrapped him in a blanket to look but didn’t find anything wrong. The wound he had on his side is fresh and raw again so I put some antibiotic on it. When we get some spare funds we will take him to the vet.

That’s it for today folks. Turned out to be nice with the sun coming out and it warming up. Been a headache day so never even got dressed, just wore sweats. Feeling a little better now and tomorrow is supposed to be nice so we’ll make it to church. See ya next time.

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