Thursday, January 11, 2007

It'll be a good day, cause I said so.

Here's our back yard this morning. Glad I don't have to mow this 80 acre lawn. Imagine it filled with fruit trees of every type. I'm contemplating olive and date palms as they do well in a hot dry climate. Who knows what'll happen but it's good to dream.

1/11/07 Thursday
Good morning world. It will be a better day than yesterday because I said it will. That has lots to do with how a day goes, that being choosing to make it so. Being determined to not allow things to get in the way. Now that all sounds good but doesn’t always hold up in the face of reality. I lost pretty much a whole day yesterday. Woke up with a seizure and stayed slow for most of the rest of the day. Mercifully I was better when we went to the church lunch. I had one of those turn off every source of sound and pull the blankets over my head to cut off the light migraines that didn’t quit until about 4:30. Needless to say nothing got done. I did try to work on the computer several times but wasn’t able to mentally process how to operate the software so had to quit. Last night was the final straw. Despite being much better I was still unable to make it work, in fact something I did froze up this laptop. With that I quit and went to bed. I woke up at 2:13 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Just laid there slumbering and thinking about things like the farm and what people think of me, and if I said something that was offensive or inappropriate.

This morning I am doing well, running a seven on the bob scale. That’s average for you new readers. I always call it the “bob scale” cause that way I can do a search on that phrase and have a record of my daily conditions. I suppose I could create a graph or chart based on that. Been recording that observation for four years now.

Anyway I’m doing fairly well this morning so want to get as much done as I can cause you never know when it’ll change. We got our electric bill yesterday. It was $95.00 for the house yet only $3.00 for the well. I guess they had mad some kind of mistake and put a correction on the bill. Works for me. We won’t be able to pay it till I get my check on the first of the month. I told Cherie that we need to see if they can change the billing date so that’s when it comes due cause that’s when the money is there to pay. There’s some cold weather coming that won’t help. It’s supposed to hit Saturday and will drop into the teens every night for a week or five days with highs just above freezing. We’ll spend a lot of time in the bedroom as that’s where our main space heater is and the warmest room in the house. We will be wearing coats indoors during that cold spell.

Heard coyotes wailing last night so was worried about Skittles. He wasn’t out at the door this morning as he usually is but I woke him up when I opened the garage door. Guess he had a long night. “What’d you do, party all night?” I asked him as he stretched awake. Yeah I talk to my cat. Other than Cherie it’s the most intelligent conversation I usually have in a day. Course Cherie talks to the cats more than I do. I’ll hear her say something in the other room and reply cause I thought she was talking to me. “No, I’m not hungry” I’ll say only to find out she had asked Carman kitty.

That’s all the rambling you get this morning. Check back in as the day goes by cause you never know when I’ll be adding something.

Well we just got some bad news. The secretary at the church just called to say that the committee met last night and decided to close the custodian job position. That is depressing and a real blow. Just a little income would make all the difference to us. Cherie had looked forward to working there and I had looked forward to helping out on my good days. I always wonder if I did something to cause things like this.

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