Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cold it is

1/6/07 Saturday
Cold it is. Thirty two degrees is just barely freezing but put a twenty mile per hour wind with it and it chills the bones. I washed Carman kitty’s rug outside with the hose and it didn’t take long for my hands to grow numb. I think Carman’s peeing is probably a response to Skittles doing the same outside.

It will be an inside day for sure. I have a headache already this morning and took one of the Hydrocortisone despite my misgivings about them having Acetomenaphine (Tylenol) in them, which is proven to be bad for the liver. I am running about a 6 on the bob scale, just a little slow. When I get done with this journal entry I plan on getting the carpet stretched and nailed down. Need to put my knee brace on. I keep forgetting and once I’m up, dressed, and moving don’t feel like taking my pants back off to put it on. Today I will have to because I’ll be kneeling on the floor. Might keep the walking cane handy to help me get up. Will definitely wear the knee pads also.

The headache is getting worse and my cognizance level is dropping. Not a good sign. Have gone a few days without a slow down. I’ll have to go read the journal to see how many. It’ll be important to just pick a task and stay on it. otherwise I’ll get lost.

Here is something I’ve been meaning to write about since we received it before Christmas so I’d better do it now while I’m thinking about it.

Ron and Paula Charles are old friends from back in the days Cherie and I had first met. They are the kind of people you want to brag about just knowing, just having met in your life. Kinda like if you went to school with a movie star or something. He was in our first wedding. That's him on the left.

Here is the church we helped build

When I graduated from bible college we joined him as he founded a new church in Oregon, Ohio. Those were incredible days where we would go to the seedy sides of town and right into bars with drugs and prostitution openly doing business and tell them about Jesus. Of course we mostly did what you would consider normal church things but that stands out. Ron and I grew close and would spend hours talking about theology, life, and other things.

One of the great pains in Ron’s life was watching our marriage break apart. He strived hard to keep that from happening and knew it was the start of my life unraveling. I unraveled for the next seventeen years, ultimately leading to the car wreck and coma. As I strived to regain my memories I looked up one of the fragments I could recall. That was the church we had started in Oregon. There were only a few of the original members still attending and among them were Fran and Marsha Duschel. I met with Fran and as usual didn’t recognize him but he was able to help me greatly in recovering some memories. Just to keep you new readers up to date, this the time I was wandering, looking for whatever I could find that was familiar. I had already been reunited with Cherie after being featured on ABC news as Toledo’s John Doe. As I would find these fragments of my past they often were like keys unlocking the memories that had been trapped in my brain. Then these memories would sometimes return in a flood that was overwhelming, like watching a movie on fast forward.

Fran let Cherie and I know that Ron would be speaking at a church in Ohio. I can’t remember the church or what city it was in but I remember it was several hours away. For Ron and Paula to not only see me but to see me and Cherie reunited was a great joy. We spent the rest of the day with them but Ron had a busy schedule, traveling around the country.

Let me brag about my friend if you don’t mind. It’s Dr. Charles now. He has written several books. One of them is a scholarly tome entitled “In Search of the Historical Jesus”. He gave me a copy of it and it is incredible in it’s depth and in the research he did, traveling the world to visit dark corners of museums, digging up documents seldom heard of before. I deeply regret that my injury prevents me from being able to digest a book as everyday I would have to start over because I would forget what I read the day before. I can read and absorb a book but have to do it four or five times before it stays.

Ron is in a documentary that I think was produced by National Geographic regarding the search for the lost ark. He travels the world and often puts his life at risk to follow his hearts beliefs. When we received their Christmas letter it listed his accomplishments for last year. Just blew me away what one man did. Here’s what was written;
God opened these doors in 2006
Ministry accomplished in America
• Sponsorships of Pastor’s families & Needy Children in third world countries- over 200 sponsored.
• Conferences held in California, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Jamaica to promote ministry to Muslims.
• Missions meetings in: Ga, Fl, Ms, La, Tx, Ok, Oh, Ky, Ca, Mi, Il, In, and Al.
South America and Central America.
• Feeding center started in Honduras and ministry meetings.
• Pastors Conferences in Nicaragua with Brad Charles and Rev K.F. Charles.
Middle East and Egypt
• Began Feeding Program for Widows & Children.
• Bought 25,000 liters of fresh drinking water for Garbage Dump Christians.
(Here’s a little note from me about that. In Egypt, if a Muslim becomes a Christian he immediately loses everything and he and his family are taken to the garbage dump, which by the way is one of the largest in the world, and dumped off. The garbage dump is surrounded by armed towers to prevent their escape.)
• $6,000 given to Garbage City Christians for food, clothing, medicine, & school supplies.
• Bags of Hope given to numerous widows and children. (James 1:27)
European Meetings
• Germany, Belgium, Holland, Romania, & Moldova.
• Built roof for the Tipton’s – able to leave enough money to finish the project in Deva, Romania.
India meetings
• Ron ministered 57 times in 2 weeks to lost Muslims and Hindus. The Lord is good.

This is what Ron had on his letter along with his schedule for this year. That is equally daunting. In the midst of all that they did last year Paula fell from a horse in Egypt that almost took her life and Ron had hip replacement surgery.He will be in Texas August and September so may be able to visit us. We so look forward to that. When I read all of this it brings me a sense of shame that I have lost my faith. I am proud to have just known him much less to be able to call him a friend.

It is 11:00 now. Took me two hours to write this and mostly it was copying off of Ron’s letter. Still have a headache and not too speedy but you know me, I keep plugging along no matter what. Time to post this and put my knee brace on.

Still trying to post this. Got bumped offline twice now and the Picasa software, which best controls my pictures, is updating.

It's 12:00 now and I am just now getting finished. I am much sharper now, which I always appreciate. The sun is out and I suppose I better get to work.

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