Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beautiful day

1/21/07 Sunday
It’s a beautiful day. We made it to church with time to spare. Cherie is getting much better at getting ready on time. This time we tried the other Sunday school class, the one taught by Kevin. Been debating that for a while because I felt it was a form of betrayal to Steve, the teacher of the class we’ve been attending. I worry so much about offending people and fear they will interpret actions like this wrongly or just not like me. I realize that there is no basis for this fear but it is there just the same.

I had two dizzy spells while in church and was afraid a slowdown was coming but it didn’t. I remembered to ask pastor about the veterinarian he had mentioned sometime so after service he introduced us to her. We talked a little and she gave Cherie her business card. Nice lady. She said she would work with us on the bill. We will take Skittles to her cause a home visit costs sixty bucks or so.

I went out to the garage to continue the work I started before, this time putting together a work surface made from the old dresser I pulled off the bus. It seems the dizzy spells were a precursor of a slow down. I started making lots of mistakes and kept getting lost so finally gave up and came in here to lay down. Hope that helps. Nap time folks.

It helped as naps usually do. Makes me feel like an old man to have to take naps but that’s the way it is and what the doctors told me. Don’t like it at all and it took three hours out of the middle of a really nice day. I got up at four and was rejuvenated and clear headed so went back to organizing the garage. It’s coming along well. It gets cold quick when the sun starts to get low and was getting dark so I called it quits at 6:00. Took these pictures of the sunset.

Tomorrow I go to court for the handicap tag ticket. Hope that goes well. Not sure what else is scheduled if anything. We are hoping the check that comes from Lee’s civil service comes though it probably won’t get here till Thursday or so. As it always seems to happen it will be just in time. We don’t have excess but we always have just enough.

I don’t know what else to write at the moment so that’s it for now.

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