Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First snow

1/17/07 Wednesday
It’s a winter non wonderland out there. We have two inches of snow, which, for this part of the world, is allot. Watching the news everything is shut down as far as schools and such. South of us, heading towards San Antonio it’s still iced up. They don’t use salt on the roads down here like they do up north so some of the major highways are shut down. Cherie and I both went out to check on Skittles because she saw some big tracks. Of course that brought up fears of a coyote coming after Skittles. Going out Skittles came out of his heated “Penthouse” and was just fine though his limp is getting worse.

We gave him his food and I went to look at the tracks. I think they are rabbit tracks but not exactly being a “backwoodsman” can’t be positive. I followed them around and the critter went all over the place, circling the house a few times. It appears that it was looking for something to eat. DUH, That’s what animals do Bob. I could see that Skittles had wandered out but he didn’t go far.

Getting the camera I took some pictures of all this. Got some of Cherie giving Skittles some pets as well as adventuring out to clean off her car. Of course Skittles came out with her. Got to be with Mom and Dad you know. He scampered around as best he could with his bad foot, happy to be around us. Cherie had spent some time online looking for a cheap vet that worked with cats and found out that it will cost us $75 bucks at least to get him shots and fixed. That won’t happen for a bit.

We both agreed to work on not being depressed today. Overcoming that involves actively refusing to allow our minds to go there. Choosing to be positive and look at the future we can and will make instead of how hard things are now.

Right now Cherie is trying to get her computer to go to Yahoo. It’s been not doing it for the last few days. Don’t know what’s wrong. I played with it for three hours yesterday but never figured anything out. Course you could write everything I know about computers on the back of a business card. Her computer can go almost everywhere else but Yahoo. It did have difficulty going to the AVG site and didn’t successfully download the free spyware. I restored her computer to an earlier date but that didn’t make a difference.

Looked at Nate’s blog and it was a riot. (He’s my nephew) GEE we miss being in Toledo. Not really. Things are much quieter here. Thought the snow would help Cherie’s homesickness but all she said was “It’s not supposed to do this here”. Nate would have cleaned up with his snowplow business.

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